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In honor of World Alzheimer’s Day, Please make a donation to support Team Mason in its fight against Alzheimer’s disease. By helping to fight Alzheimer’s disease, the most common form of dementia, we are getting closer to helping fight all of the many different types of dementia.

Team Mason is participating in a Walk on Oct. 2 to help keep memories alive for those with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

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Poetry Needed


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Simone Drinkwater of Casemate Publishing writes: This year sees the tenth anniversary of U.K. forces deployed in Afghanistan, and many thousands of us have been affected by events over the last decade and saddened by the casualties suffered by our forces serving there. Whilst our thoughts go out to their relations and friends who have shown immense dignity in the face of great personal loss, we can be proud of the positive contribution that our servicemen and women are making, in conjunction with our allies.

This new poetry anthology entitled Enduring Freedom takes the name from the U.N.-authorized, NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) mission as part of the U.S.-led Operation Enduring Freedom launched in 2001. Since operations began, over 80,000 personnel have been deployed to Afghanistan from the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. The debt of gratitude owed to our young men and women, and to their predecessors, is indeed profound.

The charity Combat Stress has seen an increase in referrals, over 70% since 2005. With our personnel involved in operations across the globe under immense strain, we have perhaps only reached the tip of the iceberg in cases relating to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. In this year marking a decade in Afghanistan, this book aims to help increase awareness of these problems whilst raising vital funds for Combat Stress.

Have you been inspired or motivated by reading poetry old or new?

Have you written something yourself whilst on operations?

Does poetry help you or anyone you know during difficult times?

Calling all serving or ex-serving HM Armed Forces personnel, friends, family or colleagues!

We need your help to complete this exciting new publication. Please send your contributions, recommendations or suggestions to: by 31st July 2011.


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Copper Rivet


Jared flung himself to the side as the advancing man swung wildly at him with the large wooden club. He felt the glancing blow and the warm dullness on the side of his face. Eyes still shut, he stumbled to a stop before ramming into the cool wall of the morgue. He realized his mistake too late, however, as he felt a sharp pain in his right side.

Two of them.

The sharp pain turned into a flood of warmth running down his hip.


He didn’t remember falling down. He forced his eyes open, seeking out his attackers. It was a natural response. Instinct from a more primal self. He squinted, and forced through the dizziness and pain.

Jared saw a tall, lanky man standing over him. He was wearing a sports shirt, jeans, and a ball cap. Despite the danger he was in, he couldn’t help but notice that the man was wearing it cocked to the side. Jared always thought that was idiotic. The further the cap cocked to the side, the more idiotic the person wearing it tended to be. At this point, however, the idiot was also holding a large wooden baseball bat. And it seemed to be painted a dark red…

Not paint. Blood.

He winced, not sure which injury hurt worse. His side was gashed open, and his head throbbed wildly. He could feel the cooling blood pooling under him, and his eye was already beginning to swell.  He squinted at his leering attacker, realizing he was talking to his partner.

“Home run.” The voice came from behind him. Probably the one who had stabbed him in the back.

The one with the bat laughed. “Yeah, third take today.” He thumped the bat in his hand. “Too bad he fell out like that.”

Jared felt the man he couldn’t see kick him hard in the side. He groaned, and twisted. He tried to push himself up off of the cold stone floor. The world was spinning, and although he could tell that the two were talking, he couldn’t make out much of what they were saying. He looked to the side, trying to focus his failing eyes on the second man who had stabbed him.

The man was small, bald, and hunched. He was wearing a black t-shirt, blue jeans, and brown boots. In his right hand was a large hunting knife. “He looks bad,” said the man as he wiped a red handkerchief across the knife’s edge. “Real bad.”

“Did him good,” explained the larger man. He dropped his bat, sending it clattering across the floor. “He ain’t no good for blood, I bet.”

The bald one giggled. “We can use him for parts.”

Parts? Jared was up on his knees now, clutching at his side. Blood smeared between his fingers. His eye throbbed, shooting pain every time he moved.

“How much do you think he’s worth?”

The big man clapped his hands together and rubbed them. “Depends. I hear they are paying over a thousand for a good kidney.”

Jared moaned. He pushed himself into a sitting position. He tried to focus on the two thugs, and willed the room to stop spinning around him. His vision was clearing slightly, but he suddenly felt like he was going to vomit.

“Let’s finish this,” said the smaller one. “You get the girl unhooked,” There was a short pause. “I’ll get the guy on ice.”

Jared grimaced, and clenched his fist.

I have a bad feeling about this …






The first volume of the Carrion Crown Adventure Path is here!

It was only a matter of time before they set a Pathfinder Adventure Path in Ustalav. Managing Editor Wes Schneider staked his claim on Golarion’s gothic milieu at the very outset of the Golarion campaign setting, and given that the second-ever Pathfinder adventure, “The Skinsaw Murders,” played with the horror theme to high praise from GMs and players everywhere, I’m surprised it took three and a half years for Wes to assert his managerial control to usher in an entire horror-themed Ustalavic Adventure Path.

But the wait is over! The new Carrion Crown Adventure Path is a tour-de-force romp through the various counties of Ustalav, taking in a bunch of classic horror monsters along the way. You begin by getting ghostly in Pathfinder Advent ure Path #43: Haunting of Harrowstone!

When Harrowstone Prison burned to the ground, prisoners, guards, and a host of vicious madmen met a terrifying end. In the years since, the nearby town of Ravengro has shunned the fire-scarred ruins, telling tales of unquiet spirits that wander abandoned cellblocks. But when a mysterious evil disturbs Harrowstone’s tenuous spiritual balance, a ghostly prison riot commences that threatens to consume the nearby village in madness and flames. Can the adventurers discover the secrets of Harrowstone and quell a rebellion of the dead? Or will they be the spirit-prison’s next inmates?

FREE Carrion Crown Player’s Guide PDF!

Ryan Dancey Speaks


Ryan Dancey’s latest EN World column, Who is Sitting at Your Table?, discusses WotC’s Adventure Game Industry Market Research Summary, psychographics of player types, and the resultant segmentation study and applies it for DM/GM use to take a look at what types of players are in your game and how to accomodate them.


I’m a Press Ganger in DuBois, PA and my club is G.O.D. – not to be confused with the S.O.B.’s or BAMF. We recently started a new League at the local gaming store. It’s kind of a new start (again) because the store has moved (again) from the DuBois Mall to a nearby location that used to be the home of a pet salon called Doggie Styles.

During League, I have focused directly on eKaya and Warpwolves. My curent list at 35 is:

eKaya + Laris, Feral Warpwolf, Pureblood Warpwolf, Warpwolf Stalker, Druid Wilder, and a max unit of Bloodtrackers.

And when I kick it up to 50, I have been using:

Kaya, Feral Warpwolf, Pureblood Warpwolf, Warpwolf Stalker, Druids of Orboros and Overseer, max Bloodtrackers, Lord of the Feast, a unit of Shifting Stones with Stone Keeper, and 2 Blackclad Wayfarers.

On Tuesday, I played Khador247 in a 35 pointer and am happy to report that I finally won a game against him … and in the oddest way. I managed to use Muzzle to assassinate Sorscha as a last ditch effort. The dice rolled in my favor, and my shot in the dark was successful.

On Thursday, I played LordMaggot at 50 points. He was using Trollbloods, namely Madrak. Dealing with all those Medium based infantry was challenging. The game ended when Mulg executed a one-handed throw on my Pureblood. The Pureblood deviated to land directly on top of Kaya doing enough damage to knock her down to 1 Life. Although she was sitting on plenty Fury to transfer, we had to call the game due to time. I told LordMaggot that such an awesome move demanded that I concede the win to him!

And now, I’m looking forward to (hopefully) heading out to Erie, PA this weekend to attend the Erie Days of Games. One of the guys from Gateway Games is hosting a Steamroller event for the convention and a few of the crew from G.O.D. are going to be heading out to roll some dice.

I’ll be using eKaya and Kaya for Steamroller. I’m still working out the kinks in my lists, but will be ready to go by Saturday. Wish me luck, and I’ll report back here on what goes down at the Erie Day of Games.

Dungeons & Dragons #0

I went on a road trip today and visited three different stores that carry comic books. In all three, I asked about the new Dungeons & Dragons comic coming out and if they had issue #0. In all three locations, I was told the same thing:

“We aren’t carrying that comic line because it isn’t a major publisher and the last D&D comic series bombed.”

So, I’m asking for comments to this post, please. Has anyone else had any luck in finding the comic at their favorite comic book store, and what has the response been from the staff and other customers.

I guess I’ll have to buy the comic online.



July 31 · 5:00pm – 10:00pm

Location Mt. Hope Estate

Created By

More Info Performers include: The Mark DeRose Duo; Steven Courtney; Josh Albright; Eye Wish Eye; The Chuck Gibson Band and The Blind Willies!!

Raffles and Silent Auctions! Food and Beer from Swashbuckler Pub!! All ticket sales go to ASAT! GREAT CAUSE…GOOD TIMES!!


Breast Cancer Brawl, July 31 Vault Comics, Greensburg, PA

Its time to donate again.

Entry: $10 (gets 20 tokens) and you can buy any number of extra tokens (2 for a $1)

Start Time: 1 pm

2 – 35 pt lists

Cheating rules:…r-press-packet

I am amending two things 1) The rerolls cost double each time used in a turn (1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, etc..) 2) No canceling the big cheats.

Winner get $50 in warmachine/hordes product.

Two door prizes of $50 in warmachine/hordes product. There is a painting requirement for the first door prize (25% of the army must be painted).

Prizes will take time to arrive after you have made your selections.

All money collected goes to charity.

Vault Comics and Games
Phone: (724) 834-4045
5274 Route 30, Westmoreland Crossing
Suite 16 (Behind Westmoreland Mall by Buffalo Wild Wings)
Greensburg, PA 15601