re·source: a stock or supply of money, materials, staff, and other assets that can be drawn on by a person or organization in order to function effectively.


Dungeons & Dragons is a fun game that can be kept interesting by using all kinds of cool resources. These days we have neoprene gaming mats, game tiles, Dwarven Forge pieces, and all sorts of other crazy stuff that can be used on the tabletop to represent the environment our player’s characters are interacting within. It’s always good to have a stock of resources to change things up. Here’s one of those resources.


I go to our two local Goodwill stores probably once or twice a month. I always check out the boardgame section for anything that catches my eye as something that I might be able to use with a game of D&D. With the recent advertisements of the Waterdeep campaign emerging right now, my understanding is that many of the adventures will end up being inside rather than out. Thus, I grabbed a Clue board game from my stock of resources previous nabbed at a Goodwill for just a possible situation.

The board game is suited to an indoor environment with several rooms and hallways. It even provides a staircase leading down to lead into a vault or another level. This is also a callback to the days of Mr. Gygax when (as the stories go) he would use parts and elements from other games (as well as plastic toys from the corner store) in his games of D&D.

So if you happen to have a game like Clue laying around the house when you go to place Waterdeep Dragon Heist, maybe you want to slap it on the table for the night. The players might raise an eyebrow at you, but I bet it turns out that they enjoy themselves. It will be even better if you’re doing a “murder mystery” scenario.

Give it a try and come back to leave a comment with how it worked out.







Tenser’s Girdle of Giant Strength 

This magical item is somewhat comparable to a standard Belt of Giant Strength. It is made of leather with four metal straps and a cinch strap of hemp cord decorated with silver skulls. It is a Wonderous Item of Rare quality and does require attunement. While wearing the item, your Strength score is increased to 20. The item has no effect on you if your Strength without the belt is equal to or greater than the belt’s score.

The item is thought to have been created by one of Tenser’s clones for a woman named Draylin, a lesser priest of Iuz.



Gamma World: Albuquerque



On a crisp, clear New Mexico morning in the spring of the year
2261, the great city of Albuquerque died. The sequence of
events which caused the death of five million people began
with the malfunction and failure of a reaction control forcefield
in the world’s largest megafission reactor. A chain of
coincidental failures, which according to all probabilities never
should have happened, did. One by one the safety system’s
backup failsafe devices were engaged, and one by one they
fused, short-circuited and failed. In one searing moment the
homes, businesses, theaters, parks, and inhabitants of Albuquerque,
New Mexico, vanished in a wave of blinding light and
furious energy. All that remained was a seething pit of flaming,
molten earth 25 kilometers across.
Many miles away at the city’s small starport, a few lucky travelers
saw the thermal flash and watched as the city rose into a
boiling cloud of glowing radioactive dust. When Albuquerque’s
powerful broadcast power stations disintegrated, the starport
was plunged into darkness. The few remaining broadcast powered
cars, bereft of energy, ground to a halt. Swiftly the
backup power plant was engaged but, to the survivors’ horror,
the starport’s ultra-radar revealed that the radioactive cloud
was moving quickly toward them. With the desperate speed, they
evacuated the starport and shut down the emergency power
plant, leaving the station’s robots and other devices in powerless
immobility. Days later, survivors returned to the starport
for the stores of preserved food and water left there during
their panicked evacuation. They found that the radioactivity
remaining in the area was too great, and the starport was
abandoned permanently. Eventually, Albuquerque has rebuilt
dozens of miles away from its old, poisoned location, but as the
decades passed people forgot about the abandoned starport.
Now, more than 200 years later, the radioactivity is gone and
only a barren desert remains. The ever-shifting sands cover
the starport in a thick shroud many meters deep. Only the top
of the starport’s tall radar tower remains above the surface of
the burning desert in the year 2471.