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With the updated 5e SPELLJAMMER, the possibility of the Guardians and their HQ Knowhere is an interesting add to a campaign.

The PCs could utilize Knowhere as a base of operations, too. The Guardians could easily end up being some NPCs to come and go in the PCs adventures.

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OSE: Spelljammer

From FB: Spelljammer to OSE information.

OSE: Spelljammer


I am planning on running a SPELLJAMMER campaign using linked One-Shots. I will be using the “Light of Xaryxis” as source material but I’ll be altering the story significantly to fit my own tastes.

In the story, I’ll be reintroducing the crew of The Lucille from our “Really Bad Eggs” storyline. As this will take place in the timeline before “Really Bad Eggs” all of the crew will be intact including Smee and Captain Solomon Neegan.


I use DexcomG6 to monitor my blood sugar. The applicator is pretty cool, and I’ve been collecting them for use as terrain. Basically I’ve used them as “medical pods” but they remind me of the Super Soldier pod that Steve was put into for his transition into Captain America or even sleep pods from science fiction movies.

They two I have pictured here have “Vault-Tec” labels glued to them but I don’t do that with all of them. Honestly, I’ve recently decided that I’m not going to do anything to them at all because they have enough interesting details on their own.

Undead creatures can attune to magic items 👍

@JeremyECrawford can undead attune to magic items, being that they’ve “died”?— Axel Kipp (@AxelKipp) April 3, 2018 An undead creature is not dead. #DnD— Jeremy Crawford (@JeremyECrawford) April 3, 2018 Undead still have something inside them that they once were? That would make sense for attunement.— Kevin Hitt (@Kevin_Hitt) April 3, 2018 The […]

Can undead attune to magic items, being that they’ve “died”?


I have completed another set of the sewers and sluices from the Modular Underground Project from the 2016 Kickstarter.

I basecoated the non-sluice tiles with Pokorny Paint Colours (Earth Stone) and then used a dry brush of Pokorny Paint Colours (Olive Dry Brush.) Then I added dabs of FolkArt Glow-in-the-Dark Acrylic Craft Paint to the crevices of the tiles to simulate slime and moss. Then I drybrushed the tiles again with Olive Dry Brush and a light dry brushing of Pokorny Paint Colours (Cavern Stone Dry Brush)

Nightstone: Our Return

We returned to Nightstone with five full Bags of Holding for Lady Nightstone. Surprisingly, the Lady didn’t pay us a percentage of the total pool of treasure but rather gifted us a part of the actual treasure.

I returned to the Queen’s Rest for a wash up, have decent meal, and a proper rest. A few hours later, I went out looking for a blacksmith and an armorer. I managed to locate a Dwarven smithy that assembled a right fine plate suit of armor for me. I plan to bless it with a ceremony before our next expedition. (Assuming I’m not called back to Morninglow Tower before then, that is )

Meanwhile, the others went about their own shopping, mainly at the Mage School. I find it interesting that this school has been built on the ruin of where the actual Nightstone obelisk used to stand. Maybe the area still radiates magic despite the removal of the artifact.

Having returned with my new set of plate armor, I returned to the Queen’s Rest to meet up with the rest of Team Bravo. We all decided to attend the auction being held by Grognard Team! at the Blue Trout Inn.

That night, we met with Filth at the Blue Trout Tavern. He was very interested in a chalice called the “Cup of Ruin” that offered drinks of magical power. Several Warlocks serving the same Mistress goddess as Filth were present so I encouraged Filth to rub elbows with them even if it was only on pretense.

When the auction began, several mundane items were offered up. Obviously this was how the Grognard Team! fenced their loot after an expedition. When the cup came up for bid, I offered my remaining funds to assist Filth in winning a drink from the chalice. As the bidding was wrapping up I retired to the back of the room to silently offer up prayers to Lathander in the hopes of Filth obtaining his prize.

Little did I know that moments later a riot would break out.

Trout via Free Library Images

Do Aarakocra have teeth?

Do Aarakocra have teeth? Asking for the purposes of a tooth-replacing magic item, and to become a vampire.— William Orfanakos

Do Aarakocra have teeth?

Nightstone: Lair Raids

It has been nearly a week since our party set out from Nightstone. Using the map we were given of “abandoned” dragon lairs in the Forlorn Hills, we raided two of them.

I’m not sure why Lady Nightstone is building up such wealth. It seems that sending out so many adventurers into the hills from her city would risk rousing the goblinoid tribes and Giant clans against Nightstone. She must have an important purpose for such great amounts of treasure beyond simple greed.

My party is a group of misfits but they are growing on me. My mentor requested that I accompany this group on their quest and I think now he simply wanted me out of the library and out on the open road. I have replaced my quill for a warhammer. I’m not sure expeditions and adventuring is my lot in life, but I find myself enjoying this mission more than I expected.

The first lair we raided was inhabited by a clan of Kobolds were had been abandoned by their dragon master and was being menaced by a strange undead creature. Our Dragonborn bard convinced them that she was an agent of their absent master, and they agreed to help us in ridding their lair of the undead creature. With the additional assistance of a Ranger from the North and a cadre of monks dedicated to Bane, we were able to destroy the monstrously. It turned out to be a Thayan Red Wizard somehow mutated into an Undead Ooze abomination.

We also met a monk of Illmater, a Centaur, and a Warlock named Filth. The Warlock and Monk have joined our cadre, however the Centaur simply fled, probably because they owed a Giant a large sum of gold.

We managed to collect the small cache of treasure within the lair, and left the Kobolds to fend for themselves. I wonder if another band of adventurers should be sent out to weed out the Kobolds, but honestly that was not our mission.

The second lair was another clan of Kobolds serving a young wyrmling red dragon. The struggle here was a bit more intense. We did battle against the wyrmling but it retreated in the end. Our cunning Hin comrade sneaked into the dragon’s lair and with the help of a few other party members, managed to fill all five of our Bags of Holding.

With the Bags full, we simply needed to wait for “Charlie Team” to arrive, which they did the next day. In the mean time we clashed with a necromancer from the Cult of the Dragon, but he teleported away before we could end him.

Personally, I have never adventured in the Forlorn Hills but it seems that the area is occupied by an unusual number of dragon lairs. I am very surprised at the map indicating the numerous lairs that have apparently been abandoned by the dragons who have mysteriously migrated to the far South.

I am curious, again, about what Lady Nightstone is using this treasure for and if it is connected with the ebbing presence of Fey within the city. For now, the mystery remains.

I’ve also enjoyed the discussions I’ve had with Filth, a warlock, and Garran the Hin barbarian. Both follow gods that I am somewhat familiar with from my studies at Morninglow Tower. Our talks have been insightful and interesting

For now we ride back to Nightstone. May the light of Lathander go before us.

Most Elves are not Fey in 5E

could Conjure Woodland Beings technically conjure elves then?? 🙂— Theo 🌹☃️ (@TheoYoureCool) February 28, 2018 Elves are no longer fey; they are now humanoids. The exceptions are the special eladrin who have transformed back into fey as a result of long exposure to the magic of the Feywild. #DnD— Jeremy Crawford (@JeremyECrawford) February 28, […]

Could Conjure Woodland Beings technically conjure elves then?

Here’s a second link discussing the issue.

Is the extra damage from Hexblade’s Curse supposed to apply to Eldritch Blast?

@JeremyECrawford Is the extra damage from Hexblade’s Curse supposed to apply to Eldritch Blast? If so, does it apply to every single beam or just one? It seems a bit overpowered.— Poppamunz (@poppamunz) March 20, 2018 Hexblade’s Curse grants a bonus to any damage roll you make against the cursed target. That’s a damage roll […]

Is the extra damage from Hexblade’s Curse supposed to apply to Eldritch Blast?

If you throw a melee weapon that does not have the Thrown property …

@JeremyECrawford If you throw a melee weapon (Warhammer, Club, etc.) that does not have the Thrown property do you use STR or DEX?— Three Eels (@3eels) January 26, 2018 Throwing something doesn’t give it the thrown property. That property, like other weapon properties, is inherent to the weapons that have it. Ranged weapon attacks use […]

If you throw a melee weapon that does not have the Thrown property do you use STR or DEX?

If you ready an action to strike an foe, can you use action surge on that held action?

@JeremyECrawford If you ready an action to strike an foe, can you use action surge on that held action? — Thomas Meyler (@ThomasMeyler) September 20, 2017 Action Surge specifies that you take the extra action on your turn, not on someone else’s. #DnD — Jeremy Crawford (@JeremyECrawford) September 20, 2017 But, you can use…

If you ready an action to strike an foe, can you use action surge on that held action?

Ninety years of Conan the Barbarian–A new series is coming

A new monthly comic book series is bringing Robert E. Howard’s Conan the Cimmerian back to fans of the fantasy character who has fought and conquered for 90 years–in the format most readers today know him from.  Titan Comics’ Conan the Barbarian will be written by long-time Conan comic book creator Jim Zub (Uncanny Avengers), with…

Ninety years of Conan the Barbarian–A new series is coming

Father Nurgle

Nurgle is a Chaos God in the Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000 universes. He is also known as the Lord of Decay, the Master of Plague, and the Grandfather of Disease. Nurgle embodies the power of decay, disease, and entropy, and is worshiped by followers who seek to spread his foul gifts to all living things.

In the Warhammer Fantasy universe, Nurgle is described as a bloated, jovial figure with a corpulent body, oozing pustules, and a toothy grin. He is often depicted with a large, rusted bell, which he uses to toll out his blessings to his followers. His followers, known as Nurglites or Plaguebearers, are grotesque creatures with diseased bodies and rusted weapons. They believe that the only way to achieve true happiness is to embrace decay and spread disease.

Artist: Artbot AI

In the Warhammer 40,000 universe, Nurgle is one of the four major Chaos Gods that corrupt and manipulate the galaxy. He is often associated with the Death Guard, a legion of corrupted Space Marines who serve as his champions. Nurgle’s followers in this universe are known as Plague Marines and Chaos Cultists, who are willing to spread disease and corruption throughout the galaxy in order to please their lord.

Nurgle’s powers are focused on disease, decay, and transformation. He can infect individuals with a wide range of diseases and plagues, from minor illnesses to debilitating afflictions that can spread rapidly. Nurgle can also bring about rapid transformation and change, corrupting those who come into contact with his gifts and mutating them into monstrous beings. His followers often seek to spread his gifts far and wide, infecting whole populations and reducing entire civilizations to nothing more than breeding grounds for his plagues.

Overall, Nurgle is a deeply unsettling figure in the Warhammer universe, embodying the dark side of decay and the inevitability of death. His followers embrace the inevitability of their own destruction, viewing it as a necessary part of the natural order of things. Despite this, Nurgle’s power and influence continue to grow, spreading his gifts of disease and decay throughout the Warhammer universes