I started a little blurb on this blog called “Biblical D&D” mainly because a friend of a friend wanted to play D&D as a cleric but as a Catholic he believed it might be blasphemous to play a “pagan” priest. In attempting to convince him to play something other than a cletic, he was uninterested….

Spelljammer–D&D in space arrives tomorrow in three-volume boxed set

Review by C.J. Bunce No doubt the most eagerly-awaited gaming event of the year is Spelljammer: Adventures in Space, and at last it arrives tomorrow.  An inexpensive three-book boxed set (including DM screen and two of the most beautiful of the 5th Edition’s pull-out maps) that feels like a standalone RPG, it allows Dungeon Masters and……


Back in my day…

A clarification about council of “shadow zulkirs” in Thay

From the creator of the Forgotten Realms: Ed Greenwood with Alex Kammer and Alan Patrick the Red wizards of Thay are Back for Dungeons & Dragons 5e! Known to the wider Forgotten Realms® as a sinister land of Red Wizards, slavers, and marching undead armies, Thay is the distant—or uncomfortably close—menace that “may become our……


We are finally going to get the gang together again to play DnD in person! 😁

Iron Woman

In this group, there was several custom M:CP characters. One of them is “Iron Woman” so I used that opportunity to convert my spare Iron Man miniature using the torso from Captain Marvel. The pose is a little odd because of how the two model’s parts ended up matching up. So either she’s just landing…


I started working on Enchantress again! I had stashed her in a block of foam after a game and she didn’t make her way back to my painting tray until a few days ago.

Batman, Robin & Joker

Legion Miniatures has been making D C Comics miniatured in the M:CP scale and even create custom M:CP cards for them. I’ve bought a few of these minis from Jotenheim Studios on Etsy. They have sharp, detailed prints and ship their orders on time. Also, you can find some custom D C Comics M:CP cards…


I didn’t create these files but I am sharing them here for anyone who might not have access to the M:CP Facebook group for whatever reason. Enjoy! “Terrain Decoration Ideas“ M:CP Newspapers M:CP Graffiti Images https://linktr.ee/notoriousRLG