GALAISHA is a medusa of great reknown. She was raised on the Infernal plane of the Nine Hells. Raised in such an environment caused her to become ruthless.

Galaisha has plenty of ambition, but no focus, and does not persevere with plans. This is perhaps an effect of the mentality that says, “If that doesn’t work, I can always turn them to stone.” She jumped from profession to profession before finally hearing the call of the blackguard from a “relative” who saw potential for unbridled destruction in her.

The Blackguard is a specialized organization on Faerûn that epitomizes pure evil. They are quintessential black knights, carrying a reputation of the foulest sort. Consorting with demons and devils while serving dark deities, blackguards are hated and feared by all. They usually lead legions of undead, evil outsiders or other monsters to conquer under their own guide. Occasionally guards might end up as wandering purveyors of chaotic destruction, attacking with honorless guile or flat out smiting the forces of good that stand in their way

It was after she arrived on the Prime plane that she was attacked and killed by a vampire. She slew her creator shortly after, and now wanders the world as a vampiric medusa. She was last known to be living in the vast city of WATERDEEP.



Jacenelle Traen

Jacenelle Traen was a Chondathan human wilder who led the Stray Thoughts psionic mercenary adventuring company based in Selgaunt in Sembia in the 1370s DR. Her role was to organize members of the Stray Thoughts to undertake missions, and she herself was away on activities half the time. She assigned prospective members to probationary missions. She would often manifest her psionic powers to aid members. She was eager to expand the organization, particularly outside Sembia, and would look for someone capable to establish a chapter house elsewhere. 

Around 1374 DR, the Stray Thoughts were engaged by a mysterious being called Z’dusk to hunt for a psionic artifact of unspecified nature and powers, for a 25,000 gp reward. They have not been seen since and are assumed to be dead.




Troglodytes are described as being shorter than a human, with spindly but muscular arms and squat legs. It also has some lizardman-like traits with a reptilian head and forearms, a spinal crest, and a long, slender tail. Troglodytes carry a repulsive odor which causes harm to those around them.

Troglodytes primarily worship their patron, a disgusting toad-lizard called Laogzed. Some worship Ogrémoch, prince of evil earth creatures. In ancient times, many worshiped Demogorgon.

The spoken troglodyte language is apparently derived from a simplified version of the lizardfolk tongue, but this is accompanied by a vast, full vocabulary consisting of smells generated by troglodyte scent glands. This olfactory language was apparently their original means of communication, and they adopted words from the lizardfolk dialect of Draconic purely to make themselves comprehensible to outsiders. Their olfactory language takes precedence over all others.

Troglodytes are fairly intelligent. They are not as intelligent as most humans, but their fear towards their deities allows them to be easily fooled. Showing god-like power, saving them from harm, or offering them shiny objects has a chance of taming them. Troglodytes do not enjoy captivity and can generally be influenced to become a companion by releasing them.




  Darkshelf was so named for the stony waterfront consisting of dark shale and slate. On a rocky bluff overlooking the village less than a mile to the north, a massive quarry operation had been producing modest amounts of limestone and granite for decades, stone used in construction all around the region and neighboring nations. In the last three to four months, production and profits have quintupled, ostensibly due to the efforts of Bazili Erak, a orange-haired dwarf with beard to match, who talked the overlord of the Darkshelf region, Nestor, into granting him title for a share of the revenues. The dwarf’s mining ability has not only quintupled production output, but he has also pursued new tunnels in the quarry and uncovered veins of pure quartz, and claims to have found the beginnings of a vein of gold deep in the quarry.

A small dedicated workforce toils in three shifts around the clock to extract limestone from the quarry. There are three levels to the mining production and a steady flow of oxcarts hauls rough blocks of limestone from the mines to the docks. From there, the stone is loaded by large hulking steam cranes into river barges that travel up and down the coast. Most of the barges transport the rock to the nearby city of Highport, a dark city ruled by Orcs and Goblins.

The Orcish coin has drawn in bandits, pirates, and slavers to the small village. Sailors, fishermen, and farmers have been abducted recently. A few have been found been found savaged and dismembered along the shores of the river, suspectedly left as a warning to any who might try to battle the villains. However, Bazili Erak stepped up and hired a group of four soldiers from the Drachensgrab Hills. 

Bazili led these fighters into the woods to the East of the village, tracking the bandits back to their camp. During a midnight raid, they were able to wipe out a large part of the bandits and freed a score of captives. They also captured a few of the bandits alive, dragging them back to Darkshelf where they were swiftly tried and executed by hanging. Despite the recent successes against the bandits, a cloud of unease still hangs over Darkshelf. The citizens know that the bandits might return at any time and seek revenge. But for now life continues as it has for the last few months with the quarry cranking out rock for sale to Highport.

Our heroes found themselves, as oft they do, enjoying the local tavern for the evening. Bazili Erak was present, as usual, for his evening meal but on this occasion he was meeting with the Drachensgrab mercenaries, offering them a job working as security on the quarry docks. A local man named Silas overheard the discussion and offered his services. Afterwards, Silas recruited several other adventurers within the tavern, hoping to boost the security detail and make the job easier. He recruited an elf ranger known only as Caelynn, a cheerful halfling monk named Joros Highhill, a very hungry wizard calling himself Rhan Cygnarson, a gnome mage called Tibult, Ram McLargefist the barbarian, and city watch officer Voss Willowfall.

Before going to the quarry, the party visited the local Church of Saint Cuthbert of the Cudgel. Saint Cuthbert is the combative deity of Wisdom, Dedication, and Zeal. They found that only one acolyte was present and he was rather unhelpful. They did purchase some holy water from the priest before departing the Church.

Late that evening, the newly hired security force – led by Silas Cooper – left Darkshelf and walked the short distance up the rising road to the north and arrived just outside the quarry proper near midnight. The four mercenaries from the tavern was strangely absent, but the other seemed not to notice perhaps because of the musical performance taking place near the quarry docks.

The performer from the tavern, The Great Rodello, was there near the docks playing a tune and singing a little song. The guards, three of them wearing dark cloaks against the chill of the night, watched the performance respectfully if not uneasily as the others approached. When Rodello stopped playing his tunes, the guards spurned him, shouting for him to leave and stop distracting them. Rodello departed with haste much to the confusion of Silas and the others. However, he was later replaced by a man calling himself Igor, the Mediocre.

The party met briefly with Bazili Erak who explained their duties for the night. They would remain in the caves of the dock area, acting as a security force for any intruders who may try to enter the Quarry by way of the Pelyra River. Bazili explained that a group of bandits have recently been harassing his men here at the docks. The presence of the party will serve to bolster security and deter future attacks from the bandits.

After their dwarven employer departed, the party explored the caves and established waypoints and roving patrols. They also discovered a small “hidden” room which apparently served as storage as it contained several empty pallets. During the first hour of their watch, Tibult the Gnome used his natural abilities to speak with small creatures to summon a cave rat. During a short but squeaky conversation between the gnome and rodent, Tibult discovered that the caves were often visited by monsters that came from below in the quarry. The rodent explained that whenever the dwarf invited new people to the caves the monsters would come and kill them.

At about the same time, the guards from outside on the docks spoke with Silas, explaining that they were going to shutter the front doors of the caves because they had seen lights on the river. Closing off the caves would help to secure the quarry. Silas was tempted to climb up on the ledge of the cave entrance, separating himself from the rest of the group, but he decided not to do this. Instead, he watched as the guards closed and locked the double wooden doors to the caves. Silas raised an eyebrow, and checked the door. The wooden doors were about five inches thick and reinforced with metal. Not only that, but the door was designed to be locked from the outside, essentially trapping all of them inside the caves. He pushed on the doors helplessly as he heard a heavy wooden bar being placed on the other side by the guards. He tested the doors with his Thieves Tools, finding that the door was built specifically to defeat any attempts to pry the door open from this side.

As Joros Highhill buised himself with searching the “secret storage room” for anything interesting, Caelynn searched the area for any obvious tracks. Neither found anything of interest. However, they were surprised to hear Ram attempting to smash down the wooden doors while Silas supervised. The barbarian slammed his large frame against the doors several times, finding that the door was too firmly secured to be battered down by even his strength. Meanwhile, Voss and Rhan searched the metal door at the opposite side of the caves only to find that it was locked from the other side too.

They were trapped in the caves, and that was when they noticed the wraiths slowly approaching from the far end of the caves. Their eerie green eyes glowed menacingly. Wraiths are incorporeal creatures born of evil and darkness, usually victims of another undead spirit that has turned them undead by draining their lifeforce. Such spirits can assemble an army of undead quickly, allowing their spawn to propagate other monsters. As such, wraiths usually move in packs, seeking out the living to consume them with their life-draining touch.



The party wasted no time in moving into action. However, they found that the wraiths were formidable. Although they did use their holy water to coat their weapons, the wraiths managed to inflict enough damage to knock several of the party unconscious, leaving them dying and on the verge of being turned undead. However, liberal use of Keoghtom’s Ointment managed to save our heroes from the brink of death’s door. In the end, most of them smelled of aloe, but they were alive.

They settled in for the night, resting and setting watches in case any more wraiths arrived. In the morning, the two wooden doors opened to reveal the treacherous Bazili Erak and four of his men. The party sprung into action, slaying the four guards. Unfortunately, Bazili knocked Silas to the side with a well-placed shoulder and ran towards the cave entrance. As he ran, he adjusted a ring on his finger, activating a Blink spell. The dwarf winked out of existence and returned within the cavern hall, running as fast as his short legs would carry him towards the metal door.

He turned the corner, pursued by Joros Highhill. However, Bazili was too quick and managed to reach the door before the Halfling could stop him. He adjusted another ring, causing a burst of smoke and a small explosion as he enacted a Knock spell. The Dwarf leaped through the now open doorway, rushing down a flight of steps into the first level of the Quarry mines.

The party regrouped and decided not to chase Bazili into the mines. Instead, they chose to trek back to Darkshelf to see the authorities. Leaving the caves and the docks, they walked along the twisting path back to the village. They decided to follow Voss who suggested they go to visit the town Overlord named Nester. They walked to his large estate on the far side of town and knocked on the door.

The door was answered by Nester’s servant who refused to allow the heroes into the estate and informed them that they were marked as being wanted for the murder of several miners and mine guards earlier in the night. The servant suggested that they leave right away, and slammed the door.

The walked back into town, following Voss to the Watch Station. Caelynn and Rhan decided to hang back away from the group, deciding to wait to see what might happen next. Tibult and Ram lurked outside the building while Igor posted up on the other side of the street to wait and observe. Silas went to meet with his Underworld Contact, seeking passage out of the city.

Silas was informed by his contact that most of the town is either in Bazili’s pocket or being blackmailed by him. The dwarf is powerful and resourceful, backed by a large organization based out of the city of Highport. For 100 gold, Silas could be transported to The Hidden City of Suderham in two days.

Voss and Joros discovered that Nestor was inside, sitting at the table with several other authorities of the town, discussing what to do about the reports of violence at the Quarry. The village overlord Nester, middle aged and stocky, stood up and patted at his graying hair. “Bazili was here early this morning, and reported that you and your miscreant friends murdered a score of guards and twice as many miners at the Quarry,” he said with a sigh. “I’m disappointed, Voss. I suggest you surrender now and wait in the cell for a trial.” He gestured to the small holding cells at the far end of the room.

Voss recognized most of the people at the table with Nester. There were some of the Watch officers, the town Magistrate, and two of the more affluent village merchants. However, she didn’t recognize the Elf that was sitting at the table. He was tall and slender with hair the color of hay. He introduced himself as Glyrthiel, keeper of the Quarry guardhouse.

Although Voss and Joros tried to reason with Nester, they did agree to surrender their weapons and enter the cell for holding. The group slowly left the office, leaving a single Watchman to oversee the prisoners. Within an hour, Glythiel returned with a large plate of foof for the prisoners and guard, but neither Voss or Joros would eat it for fear that it was poisoned. Sadly, the guard devoured the fine smelling food and did not die. Poison didn’t seem to be an ingredient in the breakfast feast.

While Voss and Joros remained imprisoned, the other party members did some investigating around the town. The searched Bazili’s and Glythiel’s houses, seeking incriminating evidence. In the end, Silas was able to recover a logbook from Bazili’s office in the Quarry offices that contained all the incriminating evidence they would need, however it was clear that there was no way to seek proper justice in Darkshelf.

The logbook was written in code, Thieves Script, the written form of Thief’s Cant. Silas was able to decipher the logbook easily, revealing that Bazili is working for someone named Brubgrak from Highport. Bazili used Brubgrak’s coin and influence to negotiate a deal for control of the Quarry. Bazili is a part of a growing slaver network who are taking captives and funneling them to the despoiled city of Highport in Pomjari. Brubgrak acts as a broker, buying slaves from bands of slavers and hiding them in the depths of the lowest level of the Quarry until they can be shipped under cover of darkness to Highport. From there, the captives are sold in the slave market.

The book also indicates that almost every merchant and authority figure in Darkshelf is either being paid off by Bazili for cooperation or being blackmailed to ensure their loyalty. The Quarry serves as a convenient front for the slaving network, and it is clear that most of the miners understand what is going on within the mines. Increased wages have bought their silence and cooperation. Although the first and second shift are legitimate mining activities at the Quarry, the third shift is made up entirely of Brugrak’s men. Additionally, the recent raid on the “bandit camp” was actually a staged affair for Brubgrak to eliminate some of his slaver allies who had been suspected of failing loyalty. Bazili met with them under the pretense of discussing business, and wiped them out. The most dangerous ones were murdered outright and then rest were dragged back for a “trial.”

Brubgrak is confident in his control over Darkshelf because of the presence of the Cult of the Elemental Eye. These corrupt prophets have come from Highport and established two sources of power: the Church of Saint Cuthbert and a small shrine in the lowest level of the Quarry. Any priests found to be visiting the town are hunted down by the mud cultists and sacrificed to their vile god.

Finally, the logbook has a section of names of several “untrustworthy persons” who were duped into becoming trapped in the caves and killed. The roster holds about 250 names, including that of two allies of the party: Kwon the Monk and Jane Goodall the Druid.

Having gathered all this information and deeming the village to be unsafe, the party helped their friends escape the jail. Together they headed into the woods to find a safe place to take refuge and plan their next moves.

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The world of GREYHAWK  depicts a magical land at
the crossroads of countless possibilities. The most
fantastic of many worlds, It is a
world of magic, mystery, and the imagination.
The gem of this world is the city of Greyhawk, a
teeming metropolis that attracts heroes and villains
alike. Warriors, merchants, wizards, beggars, clerics,
sages, and thieves fill its streets in search of high
The GREYHAWK campaign centers on the Flanaess,
a multinational land emerging from a dark period of
war. Its people face each new day with growing optimism,
but evil lurks in shadowed caverns and decadent
courts. The final outcome of this intrigue is ever
in question, and new heroes must always be found to
keep their realms from destruction.


The Waterdeep City Watch is the everday police force within the city as opposed to the City Guard which is the standing army of the city. Watch Patrols pass along main streets once between bells, and vary their routes as often as possible. Locations known to be “High Crime Areas” receive around five patrols per bell, as do known seedy taverns and inns. Temples are policed lightly, because clergy are assumed to police their own grounds and buildings. Watch patrols are on foot but can call horsedrawn watch prison carts to carry off prisoners or confiscated goods.

Members of the Watch enjoy a wide but legally undefined immunity from most Waterdhavian laws while exercising their duties. They can appeal any sentence uttered against them by any Black Robed Magistrate to the Lords of Waterdeep.

On the other hand, watch members hate “bad” Watch members and will hound a suspected bad apple until they flee the city, agree to all investigations, or clearly establish their innocence. Watch members found guilty of crimes or misbehavior are often fined by the watch as well as punished under law. Conversely, distinguished service often earns handsome retirement bonuses from the Lords.

Most Waterdhavians grumble at the Watch, but obey them, because the Watch is seen as fair and helpful as well as jack-booted.

Persons arrested by the Watch are often taken to holding cells in the city wall towers, but the main lockup is a level of ironbar cells in the “dungeons” of Castle Waterdeep, with dangerous prisoners being handed over to the Guard for imprisonment in caverns inside Mount Waterdeep.



Hundreds of tiny cactus needles cover the green Cactus Cloak. When worn, the cloak moves and flows so that its wearer never need fear being pricked by the needles. The cloak acts as masterwork armor spikes, even if the wearer isn’t wearing armor. When used as armor spikes, the wearer gains proficiency in their use. They do 1d6 points of piercing damage (x2 crit) on a successful grapple and count as a light weapon when used as a melee weapon. Once per day, the wearer can whip the cloak in a chosen direction and fire a volley of needles. This volley of needles fills a 30-foot-long cone; all creatures in this area must make a DEX save (DC 17) or suffer 9d6 points of piercing damage. This damage is physical and is subject to damage reduction. Those who succeed at the saving throw take half damage.

Also, by wrapping the cloak about the body, the wearer can assume the shape of a Medium-size cactus; doing so is a standard action. The wearer can remain in cactus form for up to 9 hours. Once deactivated, this power cannot be activated again for 24 hours. The closest inspection cannot reveal that the cactus is anything other than a normal cactus, unless magic such as detect magic or true seeing is used. While in cactus form, the wearer can observe all that transpires around him as if he were in his normal form. The wearer’s hit points and saving throws are unaffected. A wearer gains a +10 natural armor bonus to AC but has an effective Dexterity score of 1. The wearer is also immune to critical hits while in cactus form, and all clothing and gear carried or worn changes with him. The wearer can dismiss the cactus form as a free action.



Smee started his career as a smuggler. He slowly became known for an uncanny knack of finding items that were otherwise impossible to find. This is what brought Smee into contact with Solomon in the hope that the odd little man could help find the Ring of Wishes. When Smee joined Solomon’s crew, he was assigned to manage and organize the Sea Dogs. Although Smee puts on an act that he is clumsy and awkward, he is a cruel and wicked man, happliy carrying out orders for the Captain while plotting against him.
Smee plotted his mutiny carefully, biding his time until he could betray Solomon once and for all. This opportunity finbally arrived after the capture of the Blue Goblin ship. As the Lucille returned to Calimport, Smee stageg his mutiny.
The Ring is not as Solomon believes, but instead is much more powerful. This has been revealed to Smee since coming into the employ of the Demogorgon worshipping Vanthus. Smee started hearing the whispers the first time he entered the Vanderboren Vaults, and now the power of the Ring has been made clear: it holds the power to become a god.
Smee convinced Solomon that Albion was the resting place of the Ring, and then encouraged him to make contact with the Lotus Flowers to make contact with Vanthus’s people. This led to the Blue Nixie job. Solomon thought that the job was only to sink the ship, but Smee knew the truth: the assassination of Vanthus’s sister, Lavinia. With Lavinia dead, her lover (Nemien Roblach) wanted revenge. Smee made sure that the doppleganger knew who to blame.
Smee assisted Nemien Roblach in stowing away in the holds of the Lucille. Roblach was the original owner of the ship, and Smee hoped that the doppleganger would weed out some of the crew whoi stood in his way of mutiny. However, it did not work out that way.
But once the mutiny was completed, and Smee was finally in command of the ship, he made contact with Vanthus and was provided with the resource of two ships from a Fire Giant fleet. Apparently a Fire Giant chief named Lord Zalto had made an agreement with Vanthus, giving Smee more resources to carry out his plan.
In meeting with these Fire Giant pirates, Smee learned that Zalto was sending out his men scouring the land, looking for all of the pieces of the vonindod, an ancient artifact. In doing this, the Fire Giants had made an alliance with Drow slavers. Smee suddenly had a new possible employer and a way of getting rid of the pirate mercenaries waiting for Solomon on Albion’s Southern shore.
The attack on Ragnir and his crew went well, bolstered by the might of the Fire Giants. With Solomon dead and his mercenary pirates sold to the Drow as slaves, Smee returned to Farshore to meet with Vanthus. Everything was falling into place.
Smee assisted Vanthus in moving Vanthus’s amassed treasure into the Vault. Although Vanthus had drained almost all of his family’s wealth establishing Farshore, Smee discovered that he had made a lucrative deal with a Waterdeep Lord named Braethan Cazondur. Trade bars were pouring in, filling thre Vault once again.
Smee’s plan was always to gain entrance to the Vault, knowing it was the resting place of the Ring. As the Sea Dogs and Vanthus’s men were moving crates of trade bars into the ziggaurat, Smee was busy plundering the Ring. With it in his possession, he sailed away on the Lucille, heading for Waterdeep to pick up yet another shipment of golden trade bars for Vanthus.,
Smee laughed with glee, cupping the Ring in his hand. In mere hours, he would join the ranks of the god. He would become the rival of Umberlee, calling himself The Hurricane King.