I lucked out on Ebay quite a while ago and won a Skorne boxed set for less than a dollar. The boxed set has sat on my shelf for a few months, and remained untouched. I didn’t really want to mess around with another faction, because I have been trying to focus on my Cygnar army. So the Skorne sat gathering dust and taking up space on my bookcase. Every once and awhile I’d notice the edge of the box that reads: “Monstrous Miniatures Combat” (A misprint on the HORDES boxed sets, I guess. Missing the “N” in Miniatures.) Never had the gumption to break out the metal and put glue on them … until now.

I am going to be playing in a 350 Mangled Metal and Tooth & Claw event this coming weekend so I decided I’d assemble my Skorne and give them a whirl at the event. I figure that I might as well have a little fun with my “virgin” army. I’ll lose but I’ll have fun doing it.

I’m playing with what’s considered a terrible list: Morghul, 3 Cyclops Savages, and a Cyclops Brute. That’s something like 310 points. I ended up with the third Savage on accident. I had gone into the LGSĀ  intending to buy a Brute. I accidently mixed up the names, and ended up buying yet another Savage. Duh. I bought the Brute online, including it in with some other stuff that’s not available at my LGS.

There’s no imagination to the list, and it’ll likely get owned on the battlefield. However, the plan in the future is to get a Cyclops Shaman, and the new Cyclops Warlock (What’s His Name) to have a wacky Cyclops-only army to field along with Magnus and some ‘jacks. I’m not really interested in collecting an extensive Skorne army right now, and honestly I don’t like the look of most of the Heavy Warbeast models. So I’m sticking with the Cyclops, and going to try to have some fun with it.

Wish me luck … I’ll need it. :O)



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