Word on the street is that Schism‘s maps should be up tomorrow. I’m interested to see if the maps are entirely different from the Legends Legacies maps or somewhat alike. Hopefully I can capture a bunch of flags in this event. Advanced Deploy … hoooooo!

Bring your 750-point force to the Hordes Metamorphosis: Schism event and pit your strength one–on-one against any and all who will answer the call. Stay standing the longest and earn the title: Champion. Capture or defend the most flags and become Conquerer. Or score the most cumulative victory points, and revel in being the Survivor. A Grand Shaman will be named for best-painted character figure.
Will you OVERCOME or be OVERRUN?

Schism Event Details:

  • Check with your store to see which day the event will be run (events can be scheduled beginning March 21, or any time after that)
  • The event will last 1 day, approximately 8 hours, and will last between 4-6 rounds (depending on number of players, how fast your games run, etc)
  • Bring three different army lists (750 points each). Characters cannot be repeated. (ex. If you list Eiryss in list A, she cannot be used in lists B or C).
  • Players will play in multiple rounds throughout the day, accumulating points to try to earn prizes.


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