This game was played BEFORE the release of MKII so the build is 350 points. Keep in mind that this table is 3×3 not 4×4.


Megan (M) took the following list:

Faction: Cygnar
Points: 345
Model Count: 7
Victory Points: 12

Lieutenant Allister Caine 
> Hunter 
Journeyman Warcaster 
> Hunter 
Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team [3]

and Rich (R) took:

Faction: Cygnar
Points: 349
Model Count: 5
Victory Points: 14

Commander Coleman Stryker 
> Lancer 
> Lancer 
> Ol’ Rowdy 

Ladies first. Megan sorted through her cards and started putting her models out on the table. She decided to place the Hunters out front with the rest of her force hanging back.

I deployed My Battlegroup together on the street, and placed the Stormsmith off to the side to annoy the flank.

I can’t really go through the Battle Report action by action, but I can give you a basic run down of what happened for Caine to die in Round Four.

Round One: (M) Caine gets Arcane Shield and Flashes to the top of building (less than 5″) Black 13th advance. Hunters shoot Rowdy and Lancer.  (R) Stormsmith blasts Hunter. Everyone else runs forward. Stryker camps on rest of his Focus to Boost Field.


Round Two: (M) Hunters change positions. One shoots at Stormsmith and misses. Another shoots the Lancer again, knocking out Movement. Black 13th shoot Rowdy. Junior attempts a shot and misses. Caine shoots Rowdy. Flashes to the ground using Hunter to screen him.  (R) Stormsmith runs to the bottom corner of the building (at top right corner of map) right behind the Lancer with no Movement system. Lancer moves forward his feeble allowance. Rowdy advances towards the Black 13th. Lancer runs to get a nice angle on Black 13th. Stryker advances, and tosses Earthquake through Lancer at Black 13th.  Black 13th and Junior are knocked down.


Round Three: (M): Junior drops Arcane Shield due to Megan forgetting to upkeep it. He gives up acion to move away. Hunters advance for positioning, and then take shots at Stryker. Both miss. (Bad dice rolls!) Black 13th surprisingly sacrafice action to move backwards to regroup, I guess. Caine took a chance. He advanced, took maximum shots at Stryker. Then popped Feat, popping shots at everything possible. The Stormsmith dies, and Stryker comes out damaged but not dead. (R)  Simply, Lancer advances into a nice position on Caine. Stryker advances, takes a shot for a little damage, and then channels Earthquake, knocking Caine and the Hunter down. Rowdy charges, and smashes Caine into bloody bits. End Game.

We plan to play this out soon using MKII builds and rules. Should be fun.



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