A few years back I got the wild idea to make a a four part 4×4 board to be used in my house. It was planned on being in 4 2×2 pieces because it would be “easier” to store and would allow for me to switch out different sections in the future. One of the four pieces is called “The Arch” because of the fixed terrain feature in the center of the 2×2 section. The Arch was based very loosely on the first picture below. I wanted a large feature that would create an interesting play experience.


Below you can see part of the Arch 2×2 section. In the picture, Eyriss is taking fire at an Ironclad.


We plan on using this sectional board again soon. I may have to revisit it a little and make a few alterations to the fixed terrain features. But the Urban COmbat board will continue to offer tight spaces, limited escape routes, and wide open streets ripe for snipers.



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