I built this DPM model building quite a long time ago. I recently dusted it off and gave it a few brush strokes. I need to still clean up the weathering that I did to the brick, but overall I think the model came out pretty good considering it’s meant for games of WARMACHINE. The building itself was made from several small sections of styrene that are sold in small packets. Although you can buy the DPM parts in larger kits, I bought several small packs of parts that I thought could be kitbashed to an adequate scale for use with WARMACHINE. The picture below is an example of one of the pieces of the building.


I didn’t really plan out ahead of time what kind of building I wanted to model, but I did read on page 60 of the Iron Kingdoms World Guide about Canneries. I had recently been reading in World War II Magazine about how Canneries played an imprtant roll in supplying supplies to troops in the field. So I figured I would research some prototype canneries and found that most were either wooden or brick structures, usually with standard industrial features. So … I started to glue the section together, and found that DPM models are designed to fit together very well. Problem was that when I purchased the individual parts, I didn’t purchase any kind of roof. So I had to supplement by using a roof that I had laying around in a terrain bits box from a O scale building model. It doesn’t fit perfectly, but it works well enough.

I used pipes from the Games Workshop 40k Cities of Death buildings. I love those buildings but … I know, I know … they are 40k not Iron Kingdoms. Oh well. I still really like those Cities of Death Buildings. And honestly, Cityfight and Cities of Death is great. Mix that with the fluff from Legends where Siege is clearing the streets with army of Trenchers … and that’s why I’m so focused on playing Urban Combat scenarios. Anyway …

The building itself has a narrow profile so that it doesn’t take up huge amounts of space. It has two different areas where troops can be placed for dueling from rofftops or stationing snipers to pick off troops on the ground. Although the paint job still needs a little cleaning up, and the roof could use a little fixing, I think this model will do fine in my coming games of WARMACHINE.

I sold this to a fellow gamer who saw it on the Blog and wanted to buy it. I hope it’s getting some good use.


2 thoughts on “CANNERY

  1. I think the kit was around $40 but I didn’t use all the pieces. In fact, I was able to make a whole other building plus has left overs. I used the DPM HO 356 The Powerhouse Modular Kit to make this building. Since I wanted the doorways to look large enough for WARMACHINE models, I had to do some cutting and kitbashing but it all worked out okay in the end. Thanks for the compliment.



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