I’m an urban warfare junky.

I think this dates back to my first miniatures game (even though it used cardboard stand ups for the minis) which was FASA’s CityTech. Or maybe just because I’m a student of the Battle of Stalingrad, and the intense struggle that soldiers went through attempting to hold their positions in the city. Or all those Year 2000 sci-fi movies about the combat that takes place in post apocalyptic cities like in Steel Dawn and Cyborg. Either way, I really like the idea of playing WARMACHINE in an urban environment involving buildings, narrow streets, snipers, and explosions. Maybe I should just play WARHAMMER 40K Cityfight and Cities of Death … but I prefer WARMACHINE.

In Legends, page 153 shows a nice scene of urban combat. Page 158 describes some of the fighting that took place on the Caspian streets. Major Marcus “Siege” Brisbane lead his team through the streets. I really liked reading the short description of what took place within the streets. I think some cool scenarios could be made out of that particular part of the story.

In any case, I bought some of the Games Workshop Cities of Death sprues, and started to assemble some street lamps for my Urban Combat table. I used 1″ wooden discs bought at JoAnn fabrics in DuBois, PA for the bases. I then added metal washers bought at Wal-Mart for weight on the base. I clipped the street lamps from the sprues and clipped off the small thin electrical cord that runs from the shaft of the light to the light itself. I figure if the lamps are alchemical or magical, the cord is not really needed. Besides, I like them better without the little cord piece.

I based them with a reference to the picture on page 64 of the Iron Kingdoms World Guide.

Anyway, I glued the lamps to the bases (on top of the washers.) Then I applied watered down white glue all over the top of the base and partially over the bottom section of the lamp. I dipped the bases into my “Rubble Flock Mix” (consisting of fine and coarse ballast from Woodland Scenics, and cork pieces from  Spectre Hobbies.) Then I painted the entire base with a dark gray. I washed the entire model and base with black ink. I added a drybrushing of light brown, followed by a lighter shade of gray. To spruce up the model I painted the main shaft of the street lamp with a dark brown color. I made sure to keep the outer “support sections” of the street lamp a steel color. Although none of the pictures reflect it, the next and probably final step will be to paint the “illuminated” parts of the lamp with Cygnar blue colors to made it look like its lit with a blazing arcane or alchemical light.

Should look okay as scatter terrain on the Table when it is done.

What do you think?




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