Well, the Pirate Ship has been in storage for awhile now.

I have only gotten to play one game on it and did a few demos with it. My cat, Monkey, has gotten the most use out of it … as a bed. She’d snuggle into the raised deck every night and go to sleep. Fairly amusing. Anyway, apparently there was a war on board the pirate ship.I heard the cats wrestling around and snarling a little, and walked into the room just in time to see Monkey leap off of the pirate ship as Stripey leaped on to the main deck. With the shift in weight, and the fact that Stripey is about twice the size and weight of Monkey … the ship went end over end and smashed on to the floor.

Amazingly, the damage is minimal. So … I guess this gives me a reason to reboot and fix some of the things I didn’t like about the pirate ship….?

Ack, I just made another project for myself…. :O) … didn’t I?

Read more about the BROADSIDES BOARD.



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