So like I reported recently, my cats had a duel on the pirate ship. The battle ended with the ship …. going down. I am taking the chance to rebuild some of the parts that broke off, along with some of the parts that I found out later were not so hot for game play. I am working on making the masts removable, and repainting the deck. I believe I will use magnets to make this work.

Read more about the BROADSIDES BOARD.

Captain Monkey
Captain Monkey is not amused.

Monkey made sure to oversee the painting of the ship.

You can see the size of the ship in comparison to Monkey. Remember, this is supposed to only be the back half of the ship.

This is what the Broadsides Board looks like when it’s layed out. I intended the ships to have about two inches between them and boading planks made out of balsa wood. In this picture, I have the ships pushed together.



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