I played a multiplayer game Wednesday night at WHATEVER!! against Larry and Scott. I was getting in another game to practice for the upcoming SUMMER RAMPAGE event.

Larry was using Servath Reznik.

Scott had Hoarluk Doomshaper.

I was using Kaya the Wildborne.

Chuck Norris?
Chuck Norris?

Long story short, Larry whipped on both of us.

I used every Circle Orboros Warbeast that I currently own. So although the following list isn’t the one that the “Know It Alls” would recommend on the forums, this is what I used … (and I had fun using it too!)

Faction: Circle Orboros
Points: 493
Model Count: 10
Victory Points: 20

Kaya the Wildborne
Gorax    (“Lorax the Gorax”)
Alten Ashley, Monster Hunter
Shifting Stones    [3]

I ended up chasing that darn monk around so much that I lost focus and ended up getting Kaya assassinated.

I tied up one of the two Reckoners with my two Argus. They ended up dying but not before nearly destroying the ‘jack. (They knocked out the Movement quickly which helped.)

Alten got into position to shoot Dire Trolls from across the river … but ended up only getting to shoot Champions instead. Not very effective but Scott kept the Dire Trolls on the far side of the table from Alten, putting a bridge between them.

However, the Warpwolves and Gorax got skunked by the monk. One of the warbeasts would engage the monk, miss due to crappy dice rolls and the monk’s high defense, and then the monk would move away to engage a different warbeast. Then the monk would punch and kick the snot out of that warbeast. This went on and on until the monk managed to get close enough to attack Kaya. I was able to transfer damage a few times, but the monk always managed to slip away unscathed and start smacking something else down. In the end, Reznik popped his feat to remove Fury from Kaya, and that monk kicked her into submission.

Menoth won. Yeah, the Old Witch must have been talking with that frickin’ monk, dude.

I vowed revenge and then went home to read up on Impervious Wall and the Allegiant of the Order of the Fist.

However, I got to call “Moral Victory” today because I discovered that Larry was using Shifting Winds Stance incorrectly. He wasn’t giving up his action to get the Defense boost and movement when I missed. So that makes a big difference in how things played out. He can get the defense boost and move if missed OR get to attack … not both like he was doing. Larry was misreading the card, and didn’t realize he was using it improperly. No harm no foul. We’ve got it figured out now.

But … I call REMATCH!

And maybe this time I’ll have a better chance at tearing that monk limb from limb.

See you next time.

Keep rollin’ sixes.


2 thoughts on “SKUNKED BY A MONK

  1. I wondered why those guys kept saying that the monk was so nasty. I didn’t remember being all that impressed when I read his card.


  2. He has a bunch of special rules. It’s one of those models that can get confusing.

    Mix that with Reznik’s feat and Vilmon using Impervious Wall … and it makes for an interesting battle.



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