R2D2 … that’s what I call my TOM TOM.

My in-laws bought me a TOM TOM XL awhile back, and I’ve loved it ever since. Let’s face it, I can easily get lost in my own home town. So having the TOM TOM makes travelling a whole lot less stressful. I’ve especially enjoyed the fact that it makes getting to game stores and tournament locatons a lot easier assuming I have the street address. And there’s no way I would make the trip to TEMPLECON again without my little R2D2 navigational device to tell me when I’m getting lost.

By the way, techo-junkies  you guys know how to make maps and stuff for TOM TOM you should make a package that includes Hobby Shops and Game Stores as POI (Points of Interest) on the TOM TOM. I would totally download this even if I had to pay for it assuming it could be easily updated and maintained to add new stores and exclude those that shut down.

Anyway, I went to the fair with my wife and our friends tonight, and I noticed that R2D2 was not working properly. The screen was lit but there has nothing else happening. It pissed me off. I was annoyed the whole way home, mentally chomping at the bit that I’d probably have to buy a new one.

But not so. I did a search using and found the apparent solution: RESET BUTTON. There’s a small hole near the SD card slot that is a reset button. Carefully insert a paper clip into the hole and things will return to normal. Keep in mind that you’re restting the device so you need to use TOM TOM HOME to download the updated programs and maps. That was cool because I needed to update mine anyway.

So R2D2 seems to be working fine again. We’ll see what happens.

I thought that my fellow gamers out there might want this bit of knowledge in case they run into the same problem.

Keep rollin’ sixes!



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