Warmachine: Resurgence Release Event Core Kit $44.99
Unleash the power of the next stage in steam-powered combat with the Warmachine Resurgence event. The first official Warmachine Mk II event celebrates seven years of Warmachine and the release of Warmachine Prime Mk II. The event also brings back the player favorite faction coins. Featuring all new-coin designs, including the first-ever Retribution of Scyrah coin, Warmachine Resurgence is the perfect way to kick off 2010. The Warmachine Resurgence Core Kit will support up to eight players. Note that the kit cost includes shipping and handling for domestic orders. International orders add a $5.00 shipping charge to the cost of the kit.

Here’s hoping that Resurgence is not a “win & defend the table” event.

– Q


One thought on “RESURGENCE

  1. Woo hoo to the return of the faction coins! I agree as far as the defend the table format goes. They tend to always end up with the same people defending all day. They’ve been fun but I’d like to see PP try something different.



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