Tonight the party had three active characters:

  • Thokk, the half-orc barbarian armed (7th level) with his two magical greataxes.

  • Sara, the human fighter (5th level) wielding a greatsword

  • Sovee, the elf ranger (5th level) with her magical bow

They gathered information about the Dungeon and sorted through the information. Then, with great fear in their heart, they entered the graveyard. Crows swarmed above them, calling angrily at their presence. The party investigated an opening to The Rat Tunnels. They were unsure of what the three foot diameter hole was exactly other than it was made by large rodents.

Thokk gathered up three gravestones and tossed them into the pit, blocking off the Rat Tunnel opening. Hopefully that would keep the Rats from coming to eat them! Then the moved on to the Large Mausoleum.

They found the bodies of six dwarves, victims of the magical Gargoyle guardians watching them from the top of the Mausoleum. (Although at the time all they knew was that the dwarves had been kiled by falling form a great distance. They would later figure out that the Gargoyles try to grab you, fly you up into the sky, and drop you to your death…)

Sovee decided to shoot one of the crows, and was pleased to see the birds scatter from the roof of the Mausoleum. Thokk jumped across to the top of the Mausoleum, grabbing up the dead crow (lunch) and stuffing it in his pack. (But not before retrieving the arrow for Sovee to use again!) Sovee followed, jumping to the roof and nearly falling off. She regained her balance only to watch Sara leap and miss. Sara narrowly grabbed on to the head of one of the gargoyles and hung there helplessly until Thokk pulled her up.

Thokk busied himself trying to wrench open a hatch on the roof while Sovee and Sara noticed that the Gargoyles were animating and coming to life! Thokk managed to tear open the hatch, and jumped inside. His Ring of Feather Falling allowed him to lightly land on the floor below, but Sara cut that short. In her rush to get into the hatch, she fell on to Thokk and they crashed into the floor in a heap. Sovee was still up there on the roof, and let loose three arrows at one of the Gargoyles. The arrows did little to stop the magical beast, and it fly at her attempting to knock her into the hole. Luckily, the creature missed! A second Gargoyle attempted to fly by Sovee and grab her, but this one landed only a glancing blow. Quickly, Sovee jumped into the hatch and landed safely next to the other two still laying on the floor in a jumble.

Above, the Gargoyles continued to leer into the hatch but did not take action to enter the room. Sara ignited her torch, and carefully opened the door that lead away from the room. She looked inside and saw a strange sight: a red skeleton sitting at a table with his hand on a deck of cards. Under the watchful protection of Thokk (who was watching the Gargoyles above) Sara and Sovee entered the next room. Thokk watched one of the Gargoyles enter the hatch and start to glide downward. There was a flash of light, and the magical beast vanished from sight. That was when they noticed that the frame of the hatch was glowing with strange magical runes, glowing intermittently with a teleportation spell. Thokk joined the other two in the new room, keeping an eye on the first room for any Gargoyles who might come in through the hatch.

Sara looked around the room and found a strange metal bowl. Water was dripping into it from the ceiling, but it did not seem to be filled up more than enough to cover the bottom of the bowl. Not knowing for sure what it was, she emptied the bowl on the floor and stashed it in her pack.

Meanwhile, Sovee looked around throughout the room. Among the debris, she found a damaged horse statue that was worth 25 GP. Thokk decided to smash the red skeleton, and then checked out the deck of cards. Seeing that the other cards were face down, but the top card was a face up Ace of Spades. He flopped the card over, and as affected by a Sickness spell. After allowing Thokk to recover, the group decided to continue to the stairs leading away from the room.

Before they could leave, a Gargoyle landed in the first room behind them. As it landed, the hatch above slammed shut. It growled, and got ready to attack. Before it could make a move, Sovee shot it three times with her bow. The arrows hit true, and Sara used the opportunity to rush forward with her sword. She landed a solid hit, but was pushed away by Thokk. Thokk took four swings with his Greataxes, hitting only once. But that was enough: the Gargoyle crumbled. Thokk took the time to pry loose the Gargoyles black gem eyes, and stashed them in his Heward’s Handy Haversack. Then they continued to an open archway and down a set of stairs.

Half way down the stairs, Sara stumbled as one of the steps gave way. She was lucky. Although she tripped the stairway trap, she was not hit by the two posion needles that popped out near her foot. She carefully withdrew from the trap, and made her way down the stairs to meet her friends.

In this new room, they found a small rug and a wooden jar. Thokk grabbed the rug and pulled it away. The old rug fell apart as it was old and worm eaten. Sara decided to look in the jar, and found that it was filled with eyeballs. Shocked somewhat, she put the lid back on and left it there. Sovee busied herself looking around for anything interesting in the room, but found it rather empty.

Thokk glanced at the reinforced door leading out of the room, but decided to instead check out the small section of collapsed wall at the far side of the room. Here he found more of the Rat Tunnels, and carefully explored them finding that they lead to roughly hewn holes in the walls too small to explore.

Before they could continue, a ghost appeared. It appeared to be the ghost of an aged Priest of Orcus. The ghost priest gave the three a good fight, but in the end was destroyed by the three and their magical weapons.

The group turned with full intent to continue their adventure by going through the door.




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