Well, we had a small group gather to play the first session of THE DUNGEON OF GRAVES.

I modified the module somewhat for the first session. I added an extra level to the Dungeon, allowing the players to get their feet wet before actually getting into the thick of things. They have a healthy paranoia of the adventure (…because after all .. there all going to die down there…) and this is amusing as a Dungeon Master.

The use of the “Open Maps” has been a success. The players being able to look at the same map I am and seeing the marked areas where events are going to happen not only moves along the play of the game but also allows players to visually gauge that they are making progress. They can see the light at the end of the tunnel as to say. This also solves a problem I had in my last attempt at Dungeons & Dragons because it gives the players clear goals.

Thokk has acted more as a protector than anything else thus far, and this is interesting. His combat output has not been as high as I thought it would be. He has been effective, but not as deadly as I thought. This isn’t a bad thing as I guess it means that things are fairly balanced in the game thus far. I bet that once the real onslaught of monsters starts rolling on, things will change somewhat. And once Thokk gets his grubby hands on some of the magical weapons that I have planned to provide for him throughout the Dungeon, things will get bloody.


Sovee has taken the role of a Legolas well. She is ranged support, popping out a hail of arrows to cover the other characters. She has also done well in using Listen and Search to fill the role of our currently missing Rouge. I have a feeling that as the game progresses, Sovee will fill an excellent role as a Ranger … part Fighter and part Rouge.


Sara has been acting as a full on Fighter. The next Feat she needs to take is Bull Rush because she keeps doing this without the benefit of actually having the Feat to use. She has had a lot of bad luck so far. She missed her big jump and nearly fell off the roof of the mausoleum and she also nearly took a serious injury when she tripped the Ankle Breaker trap in the stairs. She hasn’t had a real opportunity to use her Cleave yet, but that will become important very soon.



Currently all the characters are 7th level.

Stay tuned.



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