More D&D Heroscape Customs + PDF Download


This is a card for the Beholder miniature. I found this on the Heroscapers website. I didn’t make it. I was trying to find this, but wasn’t able to get it. My wife bought me a package of D&D Miniatures for Christmas and it was in there as one of the blind buy miniatures! Pretty cool.

Download a free PDF with additional scenarios for the D&D Heroscape game here.

Elemental: Earth


One thought on “More D&D Heroscape Customs + PDF Download

  1. All this talk of Heroscape had convinced me to go get my old copy from my friends.

    I have one of the first master sets with the clear sparkly water 😀

    Now I just need to come up with a way to use Warmachine / Hordes minis on Heroscape! 😀 BWHAHAHAHAHA



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