Before delving into this post, please read my first note about my Tom Tom One XL.

I was gifted the Tom Tom from my Dad-In-Law, so a discussion of why I own a Tom Tom vs. something else is not logical. I own it. ‘Nuff said.

Okay, so I have been using R2D2 without any problems since last time. The main reason for this is that I went to Staples and bought a Home Charging Kit. Now, I know that the Tom Tom comes with that handy cigarette lighter plug-in thingy – but it’s not for charging. It’s intended to give just enough juice to the Tom Tom to keep it going while you use it. To get the Tom Tom to full operational power, you have to buy the $30 dollar home charging kit and use it – often.

Also, update your maps and operating system by using the software. This is pretty easy and free. Keep in mind that if you want to update to deluxe maps or something – you will have to pay for it. Just get the free stuff, and be happy.

I have found that if I plug in R2D2 at home before a trip, and then keep him plugged in with the cigarette charger, I can make it through about a 3 hour trip without a problem. I will be using my Tom Tom during my trip to TempleCon this week, so I’ll report back on how it works.



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