League started today at my Local Gaming Store, Whatever!! Enterprises in the DuBois Mall. We had a total of 8 players who participated today, which is an excellent turn out for an event or gathering in this area that isn’t offering prizes. As a Press Ganger in a small Pennsylvania town, I call that a Big Win.

I arrived to the LGS with my Cygnar  Sons of the Tempest Tier force, excited to start rolling some dice. I haven’t really used Lt. Caine as much as I’d like lately, choosing instead to hang tough with Epic Stryker. I used Arcane Tempest Gun Mages a lot back in the days of Prime, and even Escalation. But they have been gathering dust since then replaced by Trenchers, Sword Knights, and Stormblades. Having my choice of models limited by the Tier list was a good thing, allowing me to  put not one but two units of shooty goodness into my army without a second thought. And selecting ‘jack models was not an issue, falling back on my love of Defenders, Hunters, and Chargers. I decided to limit myself to painted models only, so my force ended up looking something like this:

Lt. Allister Caine, 2 units of Arcane Tempest Gun Mages, 1 Gun Mage Captain Adept, 2 Hunters, 2 Chargers, 1 Defender, and The Dude.

My first opponent of the day was Larry using eFeora and the Protectorate of Menoth. We opted for setting up an urban landscape for the table, and placed a rather large ruin in the center of the board which would end up playing a huge factor in the turning points of the game. We agreed that the only thing the ruins did was provided Cover.

Long story short, I got my force too spread out. I ended up suffering a lot from the continuous effects of Fire, and the seemingly endless rain of scattered Redeemer rockets. The two Warcasters fought over who was going to hunkered down in the cover of the ruins, finally ending with Caine teleporting inside in order to put a little space between him and a Repenter. Plus, as a bonus, the vantage point from the ruins would have allowed Caine to have a nice shot at Feora’s back arc. Unfortunately for Caine, a series of scattered skyhammer rockets managed to slide 5″ in the right direction to land right on top of him.  Caine didn’t hold out. The battle was won by Menoth.

My second game was against Macchi using eButcher flavored Khador. My favorite part of the game  was when Fenris came riding around the side of a large building towards the left flank of my army. As soon as he poked his crazy head out, the Defender opened up on him and took the crazy bastard off his horse. Caine followed up with a few well placed Spellstorm pistol shots, putting Fenris in the ground for good.

I was amazed at the pure destruction that the Butcher can dish out in melee. He dropped three of my Light ‘jacks in one turn, opening up a sweet spot that allowed me to gun him down with the Defender. Had Orsus been allowed to continue his onslaught, it might have meant defeat for Cygnar.

My Gun Mages did an excellent job of chewing through troops. I think the psychological effect was even more effective, causing my opponents to focus on trying to kill them right away. They drew a lot of fire, and often ended up  pushing up daisies so that my other models could get in there and do some damage. I’m going to have to practice with them because I’m still rusty. It’s been awhile since they were on the table, and now they can’t bust cortexes so I have to find a new tactic with the when I’m facing ‘jack heavy armies.

My GMCA did what he always does: murder solos. He hung to the right flank on both games, shooting stuff in the face from impossible distances. He managed to get into position in both games for back arc shooting which assisted in taking down the enemy Warcasters. Any day that a GMCA can waste a Manhunter is a good day for me. Say what you want, this model is still on the “Yes Please” list for me.

My Hunters hung on the flanks on both games. They did a great job whittling down the Warcasters (especially medium based eButcher!) so that I could move in for the kill with the Defender. I think that playing with my list a little to include another Heavy ‘jack would be a good idea. I guess I need to get that other Defender painted, and do some play-testing with the Cyclone. (I didn’t get to buy one yet!) Although I like the Charger because it has ROF 2 and is focus efficient for Caine, they really didn’t do much more than tie up charge lanes and provide a little melee here and there. I need to practice with them as well as I’ve only started using them again since the coming of MKII.

I retired at that point, opting to go out to dinner with my lovely wife. The dice were still rolling at the LGS and most of the players were still going strong. I’m happy to report that DUBOIS WARMACHINE is alive and well right now. Who knows how long it will last, but luckily there are other strong Pressgangers in the area (Les!) running awesome events.

This new beginning for out League will hopefully help to further expand the gaming community. We’re focusing on trying to have some fun, and build relationships. We’re keeping track of wins and losses. But we’re also going to do some fun stuff like: keeping a running Body Count of all the models killed during the League, and running Grudge matches against those particular other players who you often play and rarely win against. (For me, it’s Larry and his Menoth. I’ll be calling him out for a Grudge match when the time comes!)

We’re also going to run promotions where you get League points for accomplishments within the Hobby. For example, you might score League points for: bringing a new person to try out the game, donating a new piece home-made of terrain to the LGS, or even arriving to play with a newly painted model. You will also get League points during the day if you come into the store to buy something new, make or repair store terrain, or paint some of your models. All in all, we just want to make it fun while building the local community.

I’m pretty happy with the start of our League. I’m thinking that next time, I might assemble a Siege Trencher list and bring the Gravediggers to the table. I haven’t used Siege in a long time, and haven’t played him since the new rules came out. I hear that the Major is even more fun to play than before, and that’s tempting.


Thanks for reading, and until next time … “Keep Rollin’ Sixes!”

2 thoughts on “NEW BEGINNINGS

  1. This evening saw more gaming action. Khador took down Cygnar when Beast 09 Boundless Charged his way to Kara Sloan. Vic tried to take down Beast 09 with ranged attacks but failed to do so. Thanks to Hyper Aggressive, Beast 09 got close enough to charge Kara in my turn. It was a two turn caster kill.

    John lost to Nikki when he got greedy and rolled three dice to power up EStryker. Instead of EStryker killing Gorten he killed himself instead. tee hee

    Dwight finally got a good roll of the dice and defeated Larry’s Menoth. The Phoenix killed Reznik thanks to a damage roll of 17 on three dice.

    Vic and Scott played a good game too. In the end Kara Sloan was victorious over the Butcher. Kara only had two health left.

    It was a fun night of gaming and eating. I really wish I got done with work sooner on Thursdays but am thankful for any gaming time I get. Normally I get very few games in apart from tournaments.



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