Major Victoria Haley For The First Time

We’ve been playing a “Casual Play League” at our LGS, Whatever!! in the DuBois Mall. This League has been a lot of fun. It encourages a focus on building the community, learning the MKII rules, and just plain old having fun playing some games of WARMACHINE.

I like this League because I am getting to try out some of the Cygnar Tier lists. I am also getting to play wih some of the Cygnar Warcasters who I have never played before. It’s a good environment to try out some new stuff, and not have the pressure of trying to pull out a win for a tournament.

Last week, I played a game using pCaine against a player using Gorten. The game was a lot of fun. Gorten was hunkered down in cover behind a wall, and I was having trouble doing any decent damage against Gorten. Finally, on the last round of the game, Gorten broke cover and took a shot at Caine. The shot fell short, and Caine was able to advance, pop off a few shots, and assassinate Gorten.

Today, I played a played a game using eHaley for literally the first time … ever. I don’t know why I never used her before. I’ve owned the model since it came out, but just never had the opportunity to play her. I found that she is a lot of fun. I faced Magnus for the first time in MKII and found out that his Tier 4 list is pretty cool.

I played with a list something like this:



Hunter x2





The game was challenging. I lost in the end, up managed to put up a good fight.

I made the mistake of getting overzealous with the Thunderhead. I managed to Pulse and wipe out a full unit of Magnus’s Trenchers, plus a few Steelheads. This resulted in eventually getting blasted by a Mule, and double-teamed by a Mangler and Nomad. Don’t be surprised … but that equals a wrecked Thunderhead!

The Hunters got off some good shots. But in the end, they ended up in melee and got trashed. No big deal because they played their part softening up the Heavy ‘jacks and annoyed the flanks for as long as they could until the end.

The Defender spent a lot of time benefitting from Temporal Acceleration. Popping twice with this walking tank is full of win. I think if I did the list again, I’d work in an extra Defender somewhere. The Defender preformed very well in this battle.

Thorn, of course, was annoying to my opponent which is always good. Thorn is mobile and effective. The fact that you can channel while engaged played a huge part of this battle. The Disruption Spear and Shock Shield combo cracked more than one Cortex. Thorn got a gold star in this game.

The GMCA spent a lot of time trying to shoot a Blurred Magnus, and rolling 1 short to hit him … every time. My dice rolls with the GMCA were heartbreaking. I was amazed at the number of times I should have hit Magnus but wasn’t able to pull it off.

Strangeways did what he was supposed to do, mainly focusing on repairing the Defender. Blasting the Nomad a few times with his Voltaic Gaunlet played a large part in the game. Without it, many of my models would have gone down a lot faster.

Domination was great. The best instance of this was when eHaley made the Mule advance and smack Magnus in the back with its nasty mace. I managed to pull off 11 damage with that single hit.

In the end, eHaley got bogged down. When the Thunderhead went down, it opened a huge charge lane. I didn’t stay mobile enough with her, and she got charged by Steelheads. The Steelheads weren’t able to pull off good enough attack rolls to actually damage her, Every time I killed one, another one stepped up to take it’s place. Magnus ended up getting close enough to pop off his shotgun spray at eHaley and finished her off.

I’ll definitely be using eHaley again.



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