Comic Store West
2111 Industrial Highway
York, PA 17402
Warmachine and Hordes Events
March 20th – GO WILD! Charity Tournament to Benefit the York SPCA

Bring a single list 35pt list, Warmachine or Hordes. Here’s the catch, you and your opponent will have the opportunity to donate toward the shelter and get awesome in game effects like: Re-roll one die, get and additional focus or fury, force a warbeast to automatically succeed on a Threshold check. Help out unfortunate animals and have fun at the same time!
All rounds will use the Killbox scenario from the Steamroller 2010 rules.
The entry fee is $10 or 10 points worth of donations.
Registration starts at 11, dice will roll at noon.
No coins or gift certificates will be awarded at this event since all proceeds are going to go to the shelter.
Questions? E-mail me or post to the thread on the Keystone Gamers forum thread:


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