I’m a fan of fancy terrain, but sometimes it’s more important to get functional terrain on the table in a flash. That was the case in point with busting out a collection of small hills for our Local Gaming Shop. (LGS)

A box of small hills ready to go to the LGS

I went to the local Dollar Tree and found some small white foam discs. They are sold in packs of two for $1.00 which is a nice enough price.

It was easy enough to spray paint them black, drybrush them a dark brown, and then lightly highlight with a lighter brown. I then sprinkled on some flock and static grass. Just for fun, I added a few small details like rocks, broken fence posts, and 28mm barbed wire.

This is a quick and easy solution to get a few small hills out on the LGS table at a reasonable price. Give it a try, and then leave me a comment with your results.

Keep rollin’ sixes!


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