I was reading the Iron Kingdoms World Guide the other day. I read about the small outposts that are located in the out of the way places along the railroad tracks. I decided I would make an outpost for use during games of WARMACHINE and donate the terrain piece to the Local Gaming Store.

I went to the local Choice Tobacco outlet store, and asked if they had any empty cigar boxes.

They did, and they were more than happy to give it to me for free. Free is a good cost for the bulk of this terrain piece.

By adding some brick themed scrapbook paper, a small door from my bits box collection, some cardboard (for the roof) painted to resemble metal, and a cardboard tube wrapped in metal themed scrapbooking paper … I was able to create my outpost.

I cut out a few small signs from some old back issues of World War II magazine, and slapped them on to the walls of the building. I did this just to add a little interest to the terrain piece.

Quick, easy, and simple. Best of all … inexpensive.

Keep Rollin’ Sixes!



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