I’ve been playing Cygnar during our Nightfall League. But as a special treat to the DuBois Crew at Whatever!! Sports and Games, I decided to also play Circle Orboros from time to time to allow them to get their commendation (or “extra credit” as Nikki might say) for playing and winning against Circle. We don’t really have many of the Crew playing with their HORDES armies in the Nightfall League right now.

My army is pretty straight forward. They bite, claw, slam, and throw you until you are dead. With any luck, Kaya ends it all smacking you a few times with her stick. Yes, I’m using Kaya (both versions depending on the situation) and I’m heavy on the Warbeasts. I haven’t had a lot of success because I have only played two games, but my initial reaction is as follows:

Kaya the Wildborne: She gives 6 point towards Warbeasts and has a decent amount of damage boxes on her grid. Her feat remains effective. Pack Hunters is a nice boost to my army because I’m running with so many Warbeasts. Pathfinder makes sense, and is useful. Splinter still does knockdown on a critical, and I’ve found that to be very useful in the past on the assassination run. Occultation allows some protection from shooty armies. I haven’t really used Soothing Song yet. I’ve been using Spirit Fang to prevent charges, and spam a POW 12 shots at key enemies who come too close for comfort. And I have had to adjust my tactics with Spirit Door because it is much more a defensive spell instead of an offensive one. No more spirit dooring in for an assassination run, or popping in a Heavy Warbeast for a clean up crew to finish a failed assassination run. Overall, Kaya is still a Warlock I would use for scenarios where speed, movement, and board control is a concern. However, keep in mind I have played two games with her since the Field Test started.

Kaya the MoonHunter: I have only played one game with Epic Kaya in MKII, and I must admit that I never used her even once with MKI. She seems a bit more combat ready that the other version. She adds less Warbeast point, but comes with a free Warbeast. Her feat is very cool, and I’m sure I will find sneaky ways to use it. Today, I used it to allow Warbeasts to make attacks and then return to form a furry wall of fangs and claws between the enemies and eKaya. (We were playing Nightfall’s King of the Hill scenario.) Alpha, Unyielding, and Flank add some nice boosts to the Battlegroup. Glimmer still has Reach but loses Critical Knockdown. (Bummer.) Dog Pile, Forced Evolution, and Muzzle are very handy. (Muzzle didn’t help me much against Rhulic ‘jacks and the Thunderhead today though!) However, Shadow Pack was a nice surprise for me. Since we were playing King of the Hill, it was an odd situation. I was forced to play close to the enemy and in the end my Warbeasts couldn’t take all of the punishment. I’m sure in a regular game, I will be able to see eKaya used to full effect.

Laris: I never used this model before today but it seems groovy as a disco ball on Saturday night . Today was the first time I played the model in a game. Remember, I never used eKaya before today. Spirit Shift seems pretty useful, but honestly, I kept forgetting that I could do it. Again, pathfinder is handy. Guard Dog is a nice bonus, and helps keep Kaya covered. Also, the fact that Kaya can channel spells through him is nice because I am a Cygnar player (at heart) after all!

Argus: I know, I know … everyone talks bad about the Argus. I don’t care. I have always liked using the Argus, and will continue to do so. MKII beefed them up a little with a raise in RAT and DEF. My usual tactic with them is to use their SPD to control objectives and sectors. But in melee, I generally use them to Slam stuff so that a Warpwolf and charge in for some tasy treats on a knocked down target. With the Bark being a spray, and basically helping to prevent charges by reducing SPD, it’s a handy tool as well. I’ve always liked the Argus, and they are still going to be showing up in my lists. I like to have at least one for each Warpwolf I have in my list.

Feral Warpwolf: Nothing much has changed here. I liked the Warpwolf before, and it’s still a good choice.I like to use two of them. Add a Pureblood for fun. (Smack my knuckles with a ruler … I don’t own a Pureblood yet.)

Gorax lose on the streets!

Gorax: The Gorax remains a good support Warbeast, and I put them into my list if I can fit them in. I used mine to good effect today in the King of the Hill game. it has two open fists which allows me to throw stuff, especially gunbunnies. (I face Gorten and Madhammer a lot here in DuBois.) It can slam in the same way the Argus does, and if the need arises the Gorax’s animus can really help to boost up a Warbeast for an assassination run.

Shifting Stones: I don’t usually use these models to block charge lanes. Their function for me this time around is to use Teleportation or Healing Field. Mainly, I have been using Healing Field like Mechaniks to heal up my damaged Warbeasts. I like the Shifting Stones, and on first look it looks like I will continue to use them.

Blackclad Wayfarer: I have only used this model once, and it was during today’s game. He was shot to death by a Gunbunnie who sprayed him with bullets. However, he managed to get off a Stone Spray attack before being taken out, and it was amusing. I think that once I get the hang of using this model that I will keep using it.

Lord of the Feast (LotF): This guy is cool. I tend to get too overzealous with him and he gets taken out too quickly. I really need to learn to use him to assist assassination runs or to take out solos. The first time I used him, he hit a Protectorate monk with the Raven, then cut him down with the Wurmblade. Since I really hate the Protectorate monks, that was a lot of fun for me! On my second game, the LotF hit an Argus with the Raven. Doing this, he appeared next to Maxwell Finn. Finn failed the Terror check, and then LotF got a nice hit in on Siege. This move really seemed to shake my opponent up, and I enjoyed it immensely. In my game today, I used the Raven to engage a Gunbunnie and then attack Cragback. Seriously bad dice rolls resulted with the LotF getting torn to bits by angry Bear Hands. I really like the look of this model as it reminds me of The Master from page 31 of the 1980 AD&D Deities and Demigods by TSR. The fact that it is fun to play is just a bonus for me. Expect to see this model in all my lists!

So that’s all for now. I need to get in some more games with the Circle Orboros. I’m sure my lists with change as I buy more models and get some experience under my belt. But for now, I continue to be a big fan of the Green and Gold.

Keep Rollin’ Sixes.



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