My Urban Combat Table is a small 2×2 table that is perfect for quick and deadly games of WARMACHINE. I have a small supply of O Scale model railroad buildings, Games Workshop City of Death buildings, and Department 56 buildings that I use for the structures on the table.I also have one or two scratch built buildings that I throw into the mix from time to time.

Here is an example of a very simply and open set up from a game we played way back in 2006:

And here are a few action shots from the game. We were playing a simple scenario where the buildings had to be cleared by the attacker. The defender attempted to defend the buildings. To clear a building, the attacker had to get an unengaged small based model to the door of the building for one turn.

The attacker was searching for the town’s Lord Mayor in order to capture him. The defender was trying to stop this from happening.

The game was a lot of fun. We placed six buildings on the table. Each time a building was searched, we rolled a d6 hoping for a 6. If the 6 came up, the Mayor was found in that building. If not, the building was empty. A roll of a 1 meant there was a sniper in the building which had to be dealt with … we used stats for a typical Widowmaker model.

As you can imagine, terrain played a big part of this game.

  • Open terrain in urban fighting would include any section of smooth, even ground. Examples of this type of terrain would be uncluttered streets, flat rooftops, and suspended walkways.
  • Rough terrain in cityscape environment would be sections of rubble, ruins, waterways, vats, sewers, and rooftops with mazes of pipes.
  • Impassable terrain in a cityfight includes cliff faces, some structures, and other natural or man-made features that completely prohibt movement.
Although there is no hard, solid facts on what is “large” or “small” terrain in a game of WARMACHINE, there are guidelines for League games that provide sizes and shapes for certain kinds of terrain. The only key is that all players agree on the terrain to be used, and that the terrain isn’t designed to purposely aid or penalize a certain player.

That’s all for now. I’ll post some more pictures of the Urban Combat Table later.

Keep Rollin’ Sixes.


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