Yes, as identified by gdaybloke in this post, that was, in fact, Doris from “Meet the Robinsons.”

About three years ago, I was out shopping at the Logan Valley Mall with my wife, and we meandered into the Disney Store. Actually, she was meandering and I was doing a bit more of galumphing. I tend to galumph due to my size …

Either way, we were looking around for something nice to buy our nephew and niece.

My wife managed to find a few outfits that she liked … I mean we liked … my wife isn’t going to read this right? … and we were planning to leave the store.

Now, I simply can’t leave any store without peering into the deep discount area where there are big red signs with bright letters that shout SALE! 50% OFF, so I wandered over there. And I noticed a remote controlled Doris toy. It was 75% off, and something clicked in my head … Cryx.

“Wow,” thought I. “That sure does look like a Cryx-ish sort of thing.”

And I stood there staring at it like I was trying to solve some sort of difficult math without counting on my fingers or toes. I’m pretty sure it is the same look that was smeared on my face at TempleCon 2009 when some of my fellow Press Gangers called me over for a rules call on a Ashlynn vs. Ashlynn game where the first one had already feated and now the second Ashlynn feat was going into effect. That’s a lot of dice, I tell you. Anyway, I digress. I had a dumb look on my face.

Yes, dumber than usual.

So anyway, I’m staring at this toy Doris in the Disney Store, and it’s 75% off.

And so my wife, having paid for the gifts we had decided upon, wandered over. She had stopped meandering at this point.

My Wife:  “So are you buying that to use as terrain? It looks like those Undead WARMACHINE guys.”

Me: “You think so?”

My Wife: “It even as a glowing green eye.”

Me: “It does.” A slight pause. “And it’s battery operated.” I made a flurry of hand motions. “Moves around and stuff.”

My Wife: “So you’re buying it?”

Me: “I was thinking about it. It’s 75% off.

My Wife: She makes a thoughtful face, doing the math in her head. She doesn’t look nearly as pained as I do when thinking about math. “It’s like $7.00, you should buy two.”

Me: “It does have a cool glowing green eye…”

So anyway, I bought one, not two. And now I’m actually doing something with it. I’m visualizing a fighting platform of some kind, used as a delivery system to move troops from place to place. A big spider looking vehicle sloshing through the marshes in the dead of night, the ominous green glow being the only warning of the thralls waiting to disembark and do their evil deeds … or something.

I’m in the process of painting it, and finishing the planking around the brim of the hat where the troops will stand. I’m not planning on making homebrew rules for it or anything silly like that. I’m just thinking that it will be a neat piece of terrain to decorate a WARMACHINE battlefield while we roll some dice.

I mean, after all … it has a cool glowing green eye.

Stay Tuned.

(And keep rollin’ sixes!)


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