Asheth Magnus wouldn’t waste his time in those dirty old mines … what with all the goblins … and cave trolls.

I have an extensive collection of Dwarven Forge sets and pieces. So naturally, it’s a given that I’ll get the itch to use both my Dwarven Forge stuff to play a game or two of WARMACHINE.

So my wife and I discuss the back story and we come up with this:

Asheth Magnus gets word from one of his merc buddies that Phinneus Shae had to ditch a cache of smuggled goods in a safe house, which happens to be an underground bunker. The goods are rumored to be some nice mechanika stolen from Corvis, and there might be some good parts ripe for the picking. Asheth rounds up some of his gang and heads out to rob the loot before the pirate comes back. Unknown to Magnus, this is a trap set by Allister Caine with several gun-slinging Gun Mages in tow.

Objective of the game is that Magnus’s player needs to capture the box of goodies and escape the board before Caine’s player can knock Magnus down to 1/2 of his Damage Boxes. If Magnus and his gang make off with the loot, Magnus’s player wins. If Magnus is knocked to half his Damage Boxes, Magnus decides to retreat and Caine’s player wins.


Maybe it makes sense or maybe it doesn’t. Either way, that was the story and we’re sticking to it.

So Magnus makes his entrance. Through the doorway, down the ramp, and into the Mines of Moria … errr … the Bunker.

Of course, he sends a scout in first … a scout with an Obliterator rocket! Followed by a Mule, Boomhowler and his boys, some piratey mercs, and a Freebooter.

And so, the Mercenaries end turn one. Magnus, his jaw clenched and his eyes narrowed, peers through the darkness.

My Wife: “A mine! This is no mine, it’s a tomb!”

Me: “Shhhh … no Lord of the Rings jokes.”

My Wife: “This is no cave!”

Me: “But … it is a cave.”

My Wife: A slight pause. “I have a bad feeling about this.”

Me: “Okay, Han Solo.” I moved my last Trollkin into place. “You’ll have a bad feeling about it when I drop an Oblierator rocket on Caine’s head.”

My Wife: Without missing a beat. “Nah, I’m playing Cygnar.” Slight pause. “They always win.”

Me: “…”

So anyway …

The one thing I learned during this game is: I need to frickin’ paint my Mercenary models!

Stay tuned. More to come about this game.

I’ll give you a heads up though … you probably could guess … the Cygnar player cheats with her blue dice that are probably loaded or something … no really … well, I didn’t actually see her cheat during the game … but c’mon … she was playing Cygnar … it’s a given! Right?! Right!?

The Mines of Moria II post is right here. Read the conclusion.

Until later, keep rollin’ sixes!


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