As a Press Ganger, my main function is to an enthusiastic representative of Privateer Press.

Among other duties, I am expected to run demonstrations of the WARMACHINE and HORDES game.

So, an integral part of my Press Ganger tool kit is not only my models but having a gaming board to do demos on in various locations.

This sounds simple, but it’s really not so. Having something that’s functional, sturdy, and easy to transport can be a problem. On top of those factors, I personally added in the following: inexpensive, simple to replace, and easy to repair.

My personal solution to this was to create a simple gaming board some Plexiglass and vinyl tiles. I went over to the local Lowes and has them cut me an appropriately sized piece of Plexiglass and then I went to the flooring section to pick out some tile. When I returned home, I simply had to peel and stick the vinyl tiles and I had an instant gaming board ready for play. As an after thought, I took a Department 56 road and cut it to length. I placed this down the middle of the board to help to conceal the edges of the vinyl tiles somewhat.

The construction took me about a half hour at the most. Simple. Done.

Not amazing. Not awesome. But functional. And it meets my personal needs.

I’ve used this demo board several times, and it’s worked really well. I’m not saying that this is the choice for you, or that it’s the only way to go. But I figured I would toss my solution out there for others to see and discuss. Maybe it will be something that you like, and you’ll duplicate it. Maybe you hate the idea, and will just roll your eyes. Either way, I’ve shared a little of my own personal solution to this common issue and offered a viable choice for those of you trying to figure out how to construct and maintain a demonstration board for your games of WARMACHINE, HORDES, or whatever you’re playing right now.
These are a couple of shots of the board in use during the RoS MKII demos at Whatever!! at the Mall in DuBois, PA.
So what have you done in creating your demo boards, and how is it working out for you? Please leave a comment and let me know about your experiences, ideas, and such.
And keep rollin’ sixes!

2 thoughts on “EASY DEMO BOARD

  1. That’s a really nice demo board. Durable and transportable – all you really need. That reminds me that I really must paint my Zuzzy mat!



  2. Charbok from the PP Forums is a friend of mine and a local WM/H player. He showed me his Zuzzy mat tonight, and it’s awesome.



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