Tonight at Whatever!! in the DuBois Mall (DuBois, PA) it is League Night.

League Night is a time for local miniature wargamers to gather and play some WARMACHINE and HORDES.

I have come to the table with two different Asheth Magnus lists: “Most Wanted” and “Mostly Metal Magnus.”

My “Most Wanted” list is based on the Tier 4 Magnus the Traitor themed army list. It includes everything required to bring me to Tier 4. The list includes: Magnus the Traitor, 2 Renegades, a Nomad, a Mangler, 6 Steelhead Halberdiers, 10 Steelhead Riflemen, and Stannis Brocker.

My current plan is to start off with the Battlegroup having the following spells in place: Blur on Magnus, Iron Aggression on the Nomad, Snipe on one of the Renegades, and Temper Metal on the Mangler. I plan to use “Hit and Run” on my first turn. Since the Steelheads will have their Advance Move, this will put the Battlegroup up within the same area as the Steelheads. Stannis will stay in his sweet spot of 9 inches within the Steeleheads and wait for a good opportunity to charge. I plan to make the Nomad hang back near Magnus, while the Mangler leads the way to make a hole in the enemy lines. With any luck, I can pull off a good couple of rolls in the meantime and drop an Obliterator rocket or two on the enemy Warcaster’s head.

We’ll see how that turns out. The last time I used Magnus the Traitor … I was able to pull off a turn two assassination on Caine with two very luckily placed rockets landing on his head. I rolled 3 sixes on the second rocket’s damage. I doubt that will happen again!

The “Mostly Metal Magnus” list is an homage to the old “Full Metal Magnus” list featured in the earlier issues of No Quarter. It features Magnus the Warlord, an Ogrun Bokur, a Mule, a Freebooter, 2 Renegades, and a Talon. I plan to have the Renegades operate on the flanks while the Bokur and Talon hang back near Magnus. The Mangler and Freebooter are going to be charging down the centerline, making a hole in the enemy lines again. This second list will be fun to run because it’s just pure aggression. Basically, do or die.

I figure I will be going against one of the following tonight: Circle, Khador, or Retribution. All three will be a challenge to adapt and overcome to on the battlefield. It should be a lot of fun.

I’ll snap a few pictures (if I’m lucky) and report back on how things play out tonight. For now, it’s time to roll some dice!

Stay Tuned.



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