Modeling Tips & Tricks

“After the Rains”

Heavy rains and minor flooding are common along most rail lines. To model flood debris around a bridge on your railroad, determine the direction of water flow. Start with small twigs or sticks piled up against the upstream side of the bridge piers parallel to the tracks. Use a few tree branches with attached foliage (offered by several manufacturers) and some long, thin twigs and branches. The piles should only be about two scale feet above the surface, and it’s OK to slightly bend them around the pier to look like the water is pushing against them. Once you’ve added the piles, use clear water gel (made by several manufacturers) or artist’s gloss medium to “wet” the pile and blend it down to the surface. If your creek doesn’t yet have water, place the debris piles before you pour your water so they’re partially submerged. For more realism, make the water muddy and rough to simulate a river above its normal level.

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