So, League Night was last night. We had a good turn out, and everyone had some fun getting in a couple of games for BLASTED HEATH. I was happy to see three new guys out for the League. Adding new blood even for one night is exciting.

I had planned on running specific lists at 35 points, but it didn’t turn out that way. I ended up playing one of the new guys (Tom) at 15 points  in order to allow him to get a feel for the game. He only had 22 points of models to his name, and the poor guy dropped him assembled but unpainted Centurion during his move from the staging table (where we stash all of our bags, books, and other stuff) to the gaming board (which consists of a 4×4 piece of plywood with a 4×4 piece of felt over top.)

Of course, when the Centurion hit the floor it smashed into pieces … causing us both to groan and shout in dismay … so that was one less ‘jack at his disposal. After recovering from the shock of smashing his miniature into bits, he was able to look over his army (using MKII cards I let him borrow from my stash) to get ready to play.

He had Nemo, Siege, and Stryker but he was really amped about using Nemo. Mainly due to Nemo’s amount of available Focus. So I encouraged him to play with what he wanted, and have some fun with it. So he used Nemo, a Lancer, an Ironclad, and a Charger. So that actually gave him 11 points to play with against my chosen 12 point army of: Magnus the Traitor, a Renegade, a Talon, and a Mangler.

We talked about the basics of rules, model stats, and so forth. I gave him a run down of what my models could do, and I let him know that my strategy was basically going to be. He looked over my cards for a while, and then we were good to go. We rolled off with him winning the roll. He decided that he would be the First Player.

The game was fast and brutal. He kept his ‘jacks close and moved up for an aggressive strike. He pulled off a few good shots with the Charger on the Talon. I basically out maneuvered him using “Hit and Run” on turn two. I got behind him and dropped a boosted Obliterator rocket on Nemo’s skull. That put him down to like 4 or 5 boxes of damage remaining when he started turn three. With all of my ‘jacks within charge ranger of Nemo, he decided to wisely use his feat and Disrupt my Warjacks. He also placed the Lancer between Nemo and the Mangler. But, on turn three, the Mangler Advanced into melee with the Lancer, sliding around to the edge of his front arc. This allowed the Mangler to smack Nemo with its 2″ reachy wrecking ball and seal the deal. Nemo went down, and Magnus’s crew won the day.

The game gave Tom an idea of the changes between MKI and MKII. He had played a few games of MKI awhile back and then he had really gotten into M:tG and had set WARMACHINE to the side after hearing that a new edition of WARMACHINE was going to be released. I am glad to see he came back to give MKII a shot. Tom – if you’re reading this – come on back, dude, and play a few more games with us! It was awesome to see you out on League night!

My second game was against Shawn, and his PoM army. Shawn is no slouch, and although he’s newer to the game, he does have a good grasp on it due to talking with his buddy Dwight and having some background with MKI WARMACHINE.

And that brings me to why Magnus is on the Autopsy Table … glaring at my angrily.

Magnus: “Why … WHY did you let me go down like that, man?!”

Me: “Oh yeah, like I wanted it to happen like that, Mags.” (Yeah, I called him that. I’m allowed.)

Magnus: “Unacceptable! You forgot that the Repenter had a spray attack with its Flame Thrower!”

Me: “I know, I know. I don’t have any excuses for that. My bad.”

Magnus: “You’re not the one who got toasted like a marshmallow, and then finished off with a frickin’ Skyhammer rocket. A Skyhammer rocket! How, embarrassing!” (I’m not sure why I imagine Magnus talking like Doctor Evil … but go with it for now … ok?)

Me: “Dude, shut up or you’re going back into the foam.”

Magnus: “Not the foam … anything but the foam…so dark…and scratchy…”

Anyway, yeah Magnus is right. Forgetting that the Repenter had a spray was fairly dumb. The situation was that I had Magnus facing off against High Exemplar Kreoss in a 25 point battle. I was prepared for such shenanigans and when I was challenged by Shawn I made sure to bring a Freebooter to the party. I figured between Feign Death and being Lashed with Sea Legs I’d give the Protectorate scum a run for his money. (And when I say “scum” I mean it in the most endearing and respectful way possible. The only good Menite is a dead Menite in my book. Except MenothJohn, who seems to be a overall cool dude … but isn’t he playing Retribution now…. ramble, ramble… off topic…)

What was I saying? Oh yeah…

Anyway, long story short, Magnus was with the Freebooter and using the Talon and Magler as a delivery system. Renegades on the flanks, ready to do bad stuff. The two Heavies were walking along murdering Knights Exemplar and Zealots (who kept missing and dropping bombs on their own heads with constant bad deviation rolls.) They were making a big hole and Magnus was just wandering along waiting for a chance to arc Obliteration against the Choir, and hopefully managed to pound down Kreoss with two Obliteration rockets (even if it required indirect fire.)

My plan fell apart when Shawn used the Repenter to flame his own dudes, and catch Magnus in the spray template. That left him with something like 5 damage boxes left. With the Repenter killing off one of the offending Knights Exemplar that had been blocking LOS from the Redeemer … it was a simple matter of dropping a Skyhammer rocket on Magnus’s head and ending the game. Blah.

Fire! Aghhh!! Whooosh. BOOOM. AHHHHH!  (Stuff like that.)

Well played, Shawn. Well played. (I’ll get you next time!)

All in all, it was an excellent night of gaming. That puts me 1-1 for League.

Okay, it’s time to get Magnus off the Autopsy Table. He’s told enough of his Dead Man’s tale.

I’m going to paint some Mercenary miniatures!  Until next time, keep rollin’ sixes.

– Q



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