So I did a little more work on Doris.

I should be painting Mercenary ‘jacks for League … but I’m getting distracted with terrain again. Terrain with a green glowing eye …

I’m picturing a mobile spider-like fighting platform that can deliver Thralls (whichever flavor you wish!) into battle. Something between a walking siege tower and a spider tank vaguely resembling a Helljack. So with that in my head (and very little to go on for prototype pictures) this is what I’ve come up with so far … below you can see what Doris was looking like on Friday.

I figured that a Nightmare Empire fighting platform would be somewhat ill tended (it’s for Thralls after all) and should somewhat resemble a helter-skelter crudely built deck of a ship. I used a mixture of plastic planking (from the Warhammer Siege Tower) and some wooden Popsicle sticks. I added a few barrels that contain some kind of important fuel source … or something. Notice the green glowing eye … ooh … ahhh … green glowing eye!

This is what the back looks like … sorry … it’s a little blurry since my Pentax Optio E10 is so touchy and weird …

So then I started painting the planking using a dark brown base coat and a lighter brown highlight. I think the correct paints are Battlefield Brown and Beast Hide. After allowing these to dry, I inked them using Armor Wash, Flesh Wash, and Green Ink. I made sure to vary the color on the boards in order to make them look old, moldy, and weathered.

And the back again … now painted … and drying …

And so that’s what I have done with Doris this week. I am thinking about adding a swiveling gun on the bottom front, but I’m not sure yet. I also thought about adding some railing to the platform but I’m not sure if that would make sense. Either way, maybe Doris is what Deryliss can use to transport some of those plundered Orgoth artifacts during the Shattered Grounds. I mean, sooner or later the collector has to go out into the field … right?

So stay tuned. I’m not finished yet. And if you have any suggestions or ideas of nifty details I could add to Doris, please leave a comment or send me an email!

– Q


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