The Autopsy Table


I haven’t had a lot of time to paint in the last 6 months. But recently, I started painting again and would like to share some of the models that I’ve managed to crank out. Keep in mind that I do not claim to be a good painter. But I think I do okay.

Just look at all these miniatures … sitting there … staring at me … shouting out “PAINT ME!”

The Autopsy Table required a bit of cleaning … and Buddy Jesus says “Good Job, Man!” about clearing out the mess and clutter. He’s always so encouraging, and holds on to my paint brushes for me while I paint. No matter what, he’s always giving me a thumbs up about my painting. Nice guy. (My wife says I’m going to a Special Hell for having Buddy Christ on my painting table…)

And man, this model is awesome. I really need to paint it! (Notice it is standing on a PoM Heavy ‘jack wreck marker.)

Anyway, here’s what I have painted lately:

Cygnar Ogrun Bokur … this guy doesn’t mind getting coin from the Cygnar purse … I swapped his shield for a Lancer’s in order to make it painfully clear that he’s sporting the Swan.

Then we have Alten Ashley… who will be joining my Mercs on the battlefield soon …

And then we have Herne & Jonne … who I have owned for several years and never painted until a few days ago … finally!

And then we have Freebooter #1 painted in a green scheme because I tend to use it with Magnus more than I use it with my Privateers … Magnus has some nice synergy with Knockdown these days …

and finally, we have the Feralgeist … which is a low cost model that I’ll probably work into some of my Circle or Skorne lists in the future …

So, that’s all for now. I am working on my Mercenaries right now. I have a unit of Highshields I’m finishing up and I’m also finishing my Press Gangers. When I get some more of them finished, I will post an update. Until next time … Keep rollin’ sixes!

– Q



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