Yeah, so my main faction is Cygnar. I’ve been playing it since MKII was announced in order to get a hang of the models and feel comfortable playing in casual as well as competitive settings. Half way through Nightfall, there was a lot of rumbling from the other players that “Cygnar always wins.” I’m certainly not saying this is because of my skill at the game, but because of the overall outcome on the online maps in the recent organized play events.

So half way through Nightfall I announced, “You know what, next League I am playing Mercenaries. It’s time to dust them off for MKII!” And so now, during Blasted Heath I am playing Mercenaries with a standing of 1:3. Yeesh. But that still puts me in second place in the Ladder standings since the other players haven’t had the opportunity to play many games yet. It is Summer after all!

Last night, played a 35 point game against John. He was using eKaya, and he stomped me. In turn three, I lost three of my four  jacks to his Warpwolves. After that, it was a matter of time before the combination of three Warpwolves and Laris dogpiled Magnus to death. An Alpha Warpwolf all hopped up on Force Evolution is not to be toyed with … ouch.

Practice makes perfect. Shadow Pack had a major impact on my ability to dish out shooty badness with my 2 Renegades, Mule, and Steelhead Riflemen. And in melee … well … man those Warpwolves can dish out some damage!

I did have a lot of fun playing the game, and gained some experience using The Traitor. I’m afraid that I am trying to play Magnus and his crew like Cygnar … and so I’ve been doing some reading in the Merc forums to get some new ideas in my head.

I really want to use my Searforge army, too … but I don’t want to toss Magnus to the side yet. On Thursday night, the battle will continue and I’ll let you know how things go!

Keep rollin’ sixes.