Walther’s recently sent me a newsletter containing some information about freight cars. I thought I would share some of their ideas. Since railroads take a central focus in the Iron Kingdoms, this might be of interest to anyone who enjoys the Iron Kingdoms and WARMACHINE.

For shortline railroads with extra track, unused cars are a great source of income. Shorelines can charge storage fees for cars kept on unused spurs. To model stored cars start by choosing a batch of several similar cars. Keep in mind that stored cars are usually older equipment, although sometimes brand new cars built on speculation are also stored awaiting a buyer or lessee.

Cars are typically stored in groups. For example, five identical boxcars numbered in the same series have just come off lease and are now in storage. The group is weathered in varying degrees and probably wears the same color scheme. Because they haven’t moved in a few months, paint the wheel treads with a fresh rust color. Add long grass growing between the rails and ties on an unused spur and place the cars there. If you’re modeling cars that have been in storage for a long time, add some vines and weeds to obscure the trucks and couplers. Finally, if they’re in a modern or urban setting, add graffiti too.

So knows what roving little gangs of young Gobbers might draw on a stored car, right?



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