Caine vs. Caine

Please excuse the blurry pictures! My wife and I played a smackdown assassination game of Caine vs. Caine on the Urban Combat Table. We set up several of the Conflix buildings that I got from eBay back in May of 2009, and also set up several of the street lights I made from Project: Street Lamps. We also placed some craters from Pegasus Hobbies on the table to make the city setting looked bombed out. The best part about the craters are they are pre-painted and inexpensive.To keep things fast paced and deadly, we used the 24″ x 24″ table. Talk about close combat!

Megan decided to assemble the following force with her Lt. Caine … a Defender, a Hunter, and a Grenadier. I brought all light ‘jacks to the table, using a Lancer, and 3 Chargers. We each had a Jr. Warcaster at our disposal. I won the roll, and chose to be the First Player. I chose to leave Caine at the edge of a crater to provide him with Cover. Junior cast Arcane Shield on Caine, and took a shot at the other Junior Warcaster across the table, scoring a hit and a few wounds. The Lancer ran into position behind a low wall, and the Chargers advanced while taking a few shots at the Dug In Grenadier.

Megan’s turn was quick. The Grenadier blasted one of the Chargers, and remained Dug In. The Hunter advanced in front of Caine, and shot at the Lancer, missing. The Defender lumbered forward, and lobbed a shell at the Lancer as well. The shot was wild and missed. Caine advanced, took a few shots at a Charger at the corner of the central building, and then Teleported back into the crater. His Junior Warcaster cast Arcane Shield on him as well.

Round two was quick. My Chargers continued to advance on the Grenadier. Shooting at it did minimal damage last round, however this round saw two Chargers charging the Dug In Grenadier and smashing it with their hammers. The other Charger advanced, and blasted the enemy Junior Warcaster to bits. Caine stayed where he was, biding his time there in the safety of the crater.

My Caine stayed put in the Crater, waiting for the chance to blast away at the enemy gunfighter. Cover plus Arcane Shield is a wonderful thing. Running three Chargers was pretty fun in this game. The ability to use 1 Focus to boost both to hit and damage rolls was great with Caine. Rooting the Grenadier out took two Chargers but at least the silly thing wasn’t dropping bombs on my Warcaster’s head. The Defender was a huge threat on my left side, but luckily Megan was rolling really bad with it every round. I managed to pull off a charge against the Defender on turn 3 that tied it up for the rest of the game.

In the end, the game came down to a single roll of the dice! Megan made an unexpected move with her Warcaster. She moved Caine out into the open, popped her feat, and shot as many times as possible at my Warcaster. This left me sitting on exactly 2 boxes with Lt. Caine. Being between a rock and a hard place … I returned the favor. I moved Caine forward and did exactly the same thing. At the end of the turn, I had to roll an 11 on 2d6 to assassinate Megan’s Warcaster. With much fanfare, the dice clattered across the board and came up … 11.

The win goes to Rich … this time.


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