Painting brick buildings can be an annoying task. Here is one way to accomplish the task without losing your mind. My reference paints are Vallejo Model Color. However, I do have some suggestions for p3 paints in there, too.
  • Spray paint the entire building a single color. I used black. Make sure the spray paint is room temperature, well shaken, and matte. If you’re painting plastic, make sure the spray is intended for plastic. If your building has any signs like the one above did, cover the signs (and windows) with blue painting tape. I actually put a strip of blue painter’s tape on the interior of each window as well to give the building a “glowing blue” look from inside. After all, Cygnar is known for it’s glowing blue gadgets.
  • Drybrush the entire building using #921 English Uniform. (You could use P3 Gun Corps Brown) This will give the building a nice overall “brick” look.
  • Using #828 Woodgrain, create an ink by adding a 1:1 ratio of water/paint. Ink the entire building. Allow this to dry.
  • Using 886 Green Grey (You can mix 3:1 Ironhull Grey and Gnarls Green) drybrush the walls up and down to create what would appear to be weathering from water running down the walls.
  • If you wish, use a little crumbled up white or gray chalk to lightly dust the entire buidling.
  • Seal with a matte sealer when you are happy with the completed building.
Quite awhile ago I bookmarked links to a cool website that offers pictures and ideas about building industrial and gothic terrain for games like Warhammer 40k and WARMACHINE.
Check it out, because there’s some cool stuff on there.


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