I decided that the easiest way to make an Urban Combat Table (UCT) would be to use 24″ by 24″ squares that could be mixed and matched to make the playing surface as small or as large as I would like. Our last game was on a single 24″ by 24″ section and it was a lot of fun. There was a lot of cover, but not much space between. The game was quick and deadly, ending in about four turns. The entire game took about an hour and a half … only due to bathroom and smoke breaks.

I’ve started making some new sections for the UCT. It’s been three years … time for something new. I’m using the same ideas … city in wreckage … war-torn. The surface sections are littered with wooden stir sticks, broken up to simulate boardwalks … or with cut up thin plasticard to simulate blasted up cobblestone and brick. I continue to use Jenga blocks to make low walls, and support features. I cut up a bunch of blue Styrofoam to make bricks for the walls and ruined building foundations. (The tower, water tower, and diner are there just to make sure that I remember I need empty space on the board so I don’t go crazy with details. And I was making sure I’d be able to place buildings and still have some gaming space in there to fit models.) I’m still using Plastruct O Scale stairs for the steps that lead from level to level. You can see one in the picture below if you focus on the right hand side.

As mentioned many times, the object is to have a space around the entire board large enough for a medium base to fit on so that when two sections are put together, it sort of forms a road that is large enough for at least two medium bases or a large base model. If you look at the next picture (below) from 2007, focus on the left hand side. You can see where the two sections meet, and how it creates a wide enough playing space for the board.

I’ll keep working on it, and I’ll post some pictures of what I end up making. Battles in the cities of Immoren will continue …

Stay tuned.



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