Mines of Moria II

On June 15th, I mentioned the game of WARMACHINE that my wife and I played using a Dwarven Forge set up. I wanted to include the ending of this game.

So anyway, Magnus and his battlegroup set up at the entrance to the mine, and Caine and his crew deployed at the opposite end of the table.

Magnus and his boys got to go first, and Boomhowler led the way. The Gun Mages moved to intervene with the Trollkin, and this resulted in a big shoot out where the Gun Mages were scoring a lot of hits but the enemy was making decent tough rolls. It wasn’t long before a bunch of blue Warjacks were crashing into the Trollkin and beating them down. The entire battle last for 5 rounds. In the end, Magnus managed to score a minor victory in grabbing the objective and making it about half way back to the escape point which would have won him the game. However, Caine’s onslaught of ranged attacks ended up taking Magnus out in the end. A combination of a well placed boosted blast from the Defender and a few excellent dice rolls during Caine’s feat turn was enough to win Cygnar the day.

In this picture above, Caine is moving into position to make an assassination against Magnus. Magnus already has captured the objective and is trying to flee to the escape point where he started. In the picture above, you can see Caine has positioned himself with the Gun Mages to block LOS. Magnus is at the top left of the picture, fighting it out with a Gun Mage Captain Adept. The GMCA didn’t last very long in combat, but after he was taken out, the ranged attack onslaught began.

It was a good game.



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