The Urban Combat Table (UTC) has been a hobby of mine since 2006. Spurred on by memories of City Tech, and inspired by the coming release of Cities of Death, I decided to create a gaming table where I could play out games of WARMACHINE in an environment reminiscent of City Fight and Mordheim. One of the first things I did was start collecting images of cool stuff to use as reference pictures and inspiration. I found the picture below during this time, although I have no idea how or why I ended up finding it.

In an effort to somewhat recreate the reference photo above, I created the board section pictured below. I call it “Ruins.” The main feature is the large alcoved structure made of Styrofoam. I placed three plastic gargoyles on the top of it. These are just plain cool, but also help to tie the section together with the other sections because the gargoyles are included somewhere on each section. (Unfortunately, over the years some of the gargoyles have come dislodged and fallen off. That makes me sad. But since the sections are big, storage is a problem sometimes.) I added Jenga blocks on either side of the structure as support beams, and then made the steps out of Jenga blocks, as well. I added some of the Plasticville street lights (gas-light, for WARMACHINE, of course!) on the stairs just to break up the look of the terrain piece. I finished it off with the addition of some brick road pieces.

In the picture, you can see Eyriss facing off against an Ironclad. Caine is in the shadows of the third alcove over from the left, but you can’t reallt make him out in the picture. I think this is a nifty board section and it sees a lot of usage in games …

… more later.



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