Ol’ Rowdy has five decades of service under its chassis. It hails from the first generation of Ironclads hammered together at the Cygnaran Armory from parts manufactured at Engines East. Not until after several years fighting with distinction during the Scharde Invasions did the ornery temper that would characterize Ol’ Rowdy actually come to the fore.
A player may field one Ol’ Rowdy in his Cygnar army. Ol’ Rowdy is featured in WARMACHINE: Legends.

I wanted Rowdy to look like he’s been through several years of service. I was going for a rough and rugged look to the model.

I wanted the silver to be the main color of the model, but in the end decided adding some more brass and gold was needed.

This is the finished model. The only other thing I might do is highlight the blue on the body, but it’s good for now.


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