I’m currently unemployed. And although I’ve been told three times that I would have been hired … I’ve managed to screw up the 100 question personality tests three times … so I was not hired for those jobs. Mainly because I’m being screened out as being depressed. Gee … I wonder why?


So I’ve been trying to paint my stress away.

Painted models being used in local tournaments has been a hot issue here. So, I’ve decided that I should paint some of my Stryker army. I’d like to have it all done by Thursday. We’ll see.

Currently being painted:

  • Ol’ Rowdy
  • Lancer #2
  • Charger #4
  • Stormblades unit x2
  • Stromblade UA
  • Stormclad

Finished this week:

  • Woldstalkers and Stoneward
  • Gudrun
  • Alten Ashley

Assembled this week:

  • Two more Argus
  • Alpha Warpwolf


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