Dungeons & Dragons #0

I went on a road trip today and visited three different stores that carry comic books. In all three, I asked about the new Dungeons & Dragons comic coming out and if they had issue #0. In all three locations, I was told the same thing:

“We aren’t carrying that comic line because it isn’t a major publisher and the last D&D comic series bombed.”

So, I’m asking for comments to this post, please. Has anyone else had any luck in finding the comic at their favorite comic book store, and what has the response been from the staff and other customers.

I guess I’ll have to buy the comic online.



One thought on “Dungeons & Dragons #0

  1. I noticed after I published this it’s not due out until the 25th, but still … the reaction from three different places was overly negative. Anyone else have thoughts on this?



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