Stories from the Table

Well, the work of a field mechanik is never done. I’m reporting from the Autopsy Table, and stories are being told. I recently played in a Genesis tournament and had a great time. I fielded my Cygnar army because there was a painting requirement and I didn’t have quite enough Circle of Orboros stuff fully painted to get a decent army to 50 points.

This has prompted me to start painting and assembling more of my Circle stuff. I have an Alpha Warpwolf and Warpwolf Extreme in pieces on the Table (awaiting a restocking of my beloved Gorilla Super Glue) and two more Argus.

So anyway, I took a rather small Cygnar army to the event. I hadn’t planned on attending, but at the last moment, I had the opportunity. So I slapped together my army lists and went for the Storm Army theme with Stryker. I figured I would go with a small army because I haven’t had much tournament play at all lately, and it was timed turns. Turns out that 10 minutes is a long time to play. I generally took between 4-5 minutes with the exception of a few combat turns where I got muddled up on grinding through my rolls with the Stormblades and their electric arcs.

25 points

pStryker, Stormclad x2, Lancer, Stormblades

The reason I took two Stormclads was rather weak. I wanted the Thunderhead in my 35 point list but had to figure out a way to squeeze a 12 point model into a list where I could only add 10 points. I literally linchpinned my entire army details to the Thunderhead. Probably not the best idea, but I did it.I also have not used a Stormclad in a game in quite a long time and frankly just wanted to use them. I had to borrow a painted Stormclad from one of my friends to make the painting requirement for the tourney.

I played Charbok (a local) who was using his Borka Trollbloods list. I ended up losing by scenario because I couldn’t hold the control areas well enough.  I have to say that in the end, I didn’t have quite enough tricks up my sleeve to pull off a win. He played well, and the game was a lot of fun. Having my Stormclad tossed out of the control zone by a Dire Troll was a fitting end to the game. However, since his Champions had taken me down to Stryker and a Lancer when he won by scenario, he would have won by ‘caster kill the next turn.

Second game was up to 35 points against a friendly guy named Bill. Using Estryker, I was able to add the Thunderhead because the cost of both Stormclads went down to 9 each instead of 10. I faced off against another Cygnar player who was using pStryker. My one Stormclad got wasted very quickly by his pair of Hunters using boosted hit and damage rolls. But in the end, Pulses from the Thunderhead and follow ups from the Lancer and Stormclads won me the game on turn three by ‘caster kill.

The third game was sad. Going up to 50 points, I added a Defender and another unit of Stormblades with a free UA from the Tier. I faced off against Charles who was using his Legion army with EThaggy. Charles is a good dude, and I was really excited to face off against him. However, I was not pleased to be facing off against the bane of my gaming existance … Legion. The game was over fast! I really need to brush up on the abilities of Legion models, dude. Seriously. In the end, I ended up getting Epic Stryker too darned close to Typhoon. I had placed him correctly, then decided to Velocity a little closer, guessing I was far enough to avoid a spray. I was wrong. Placing the spray template showed that it just barely caught the edge of Stryker’s base. Ugh. I knew he could shrug off a spray, but I failed to realize that Typoon can spray three times! Duh! I should have known that. Stryker went down on turn two due to the sprays.

The fourth and final game was against another local, Justin, and his Skorne army. He was using Xerxis. I got too worried about his two units of Weapon Master Cataphract models. I focused too much on playing defensively, and ended up getting out of my control zones. He won by scenario, but despite my uses of Rebuke I was not able to bring a decent amount of pain to his dudes. However, it was a great game and I learned a lot more about Skorne tactics.

I ended the event with a total of 1-3 but I had a lot of fun, so that’s good enough for me. I definitely need to play more aggressively, and do a little better job on my list building. That’s honestly my biggest weakness, trying to figure out which of my really cool Cygnar models to being to the table.

Well, that’s all for now. Thanks for reading, and if you feel like it please leave a comment. Good, bad, whatever.

Either way, keep rollin’ sixes!



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