Circle vs. Cryx

Tonight I played a 35 point game of WARMACHINE vs. HORDES. My opponent, Charbok, used his Cryx army with Skarre. I gave him a good fight, but I was unprepared for the badness that is Skarre. I’ve read over her stuff in the past, but facing the army on the table with an experienced gamer behind them is a whole different story.

My list was:

Kaya the Moonhunter & Laris, a Gorax, a Pureblood Warpwolf, Warpwolf Stalker, a single unit of Shifting Stones, a min unit of Tharn Bloodtrackers, a pair of Blackclad Wayfarers, and the Lord of the Feast. I chose this army basically because I wanted to try the combination of Waywarers and Shifting Stones with fragments of my former list from the last game. I’m in the “practice and test” phase.

He was using Skarre, a Seether, a pair of bonejacks, Necrosurgeon and Stitchthralls, murderous Bloodgorgers, a sea of Mechanithralls, and The Warwitch. (He might have had something else, but that’s what I remember!)

I chose bonejack A as prey for the Bloodtrackers. I have used the Advanced Deployed Bloodtrackers as a front line infantry unit but I need to stop doing that. They squish way to easy without an ARM boost and die to fast. They will be much more effective as a swift moving clean-up crew. It would also help if I filled out their unit to max to get a few more bodies in their. At 35 points with my 19 points of Warpwolves, it’s tough to devote that many points to Bloodtrackers, but next time that’s what I’m going to do.

The Wayfarer is a cool model. He has a dramatic pose, and can do a lot of dirty stuff. He can Phase Jump like crazy when he’s near a Shifting Stone, and has a 7 for his magic ability when using Stone Spray. And although Hunter’s Mark is nifty, its kind of redundant with eKaya. I really like that he has the chance to pull off Critical Knockdown with his spray. However, he’s pretty squishy when he’s getting a love note from Skarre in the form of Hellfire. But what solo isn’t, right? Oh, and he doesn’t like Corrosion … at all.

The whole game came down to Skarre’s feat turn. She was down 5 already, so that put me ahead of the game a little. I got over zealous with moving my Warbeasts up, and lost both my Pureblood to the dark powers. He also managed to wipe out all but one of my Bloodtrackers. So this left me with very little options to finish the job on the second half of the feat turn. Not to mention that the Gorax failed his threshhold check and frenzied on the Seether, which did nothing to help me take out Skarre.

My Wayfarer advanced and used his spray to target a Mechanithrall which allowed the spray to spill over on Skarre who was pumped with to something like 20 ARM at the time. I pulled off Critical Knockdown but failed to do much damage to Skarre. I was dropping out somthing like 7 from my two dice. Then the Stalker warped for Beserk and used his animus on himself. He killed two bloodgorgers, and sprinted into melee range with bonejack A. Kaya charged bonejack A and after a few hits, managed to wreck it. Laris charged a bloodgorger, and then shifted back to Kaya’s side. With the former prey now gone, the remaining Bloodtracker selected Skarre as her new prey. Advancing a little to the right to get LOS, she took a shot at the knocked down Skarre. The javelin hit, but I didn’t roll high enough on my damage to kill the pirate queen. As a last resort, the Lord of the Feast advanced, and hit a Mechanithrall with the Raven. Teleporting into melee with Skarre, he failed to do enough damage to assassinate her. I completely forgot that the Lord of the Feast only gets tokens for killing living models, so I couldn’t use anything to boost or make attacks even through I had killed a stitchthrall before going after Skarre. At that point, my bag of tricks was empty. Everything else was engaged or too far away to be effective in the sea of undead.

The next turn, he managed to take out everything but Kaya, Laris, a single Shifting Stone, and the Gorax. However, the Gorax was hurt very badly. Since the gaming store was closing, we called the game there giving Cryx the win.

I enjoyed the game, and definitely missed the Druids in my list. I got to try the Wayfarers and their Shifting Stone synergy. I’ll need to keep brushing up on the MKII HORDES rules and keep working on what models I want to use in my standard 35 point Circle list.

Next time, I want to try the Tharn Wolf Riders with the max unit of Bloodtrackers. And at some point I want to run a list of druids that will include Druids of Orboros, Wayfarers, and the Woldstalkers. So what I’m saying is that I have a lot more playtesting and playing around to do. And finally, I would really like to run a pack of Argus with both flavors of Kaya just to try out what she can do with light Warbeasts that have 7 speed.

Oh, and I need to try out Kruger too … but that’s a whole different story.



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