Knock knock knocking on Valhalla’s Door

Red did his best to keep his wits about him throughout the journey. However, he became aware that he was fully lost within the dark depths of the Baron’s complex. He had faith in his companions though, especially the Gnome who seemed to have a good understanding of where they were throughout the exploration. Traveling through magical doors was far from something that Red was accustomed to having grown up on a rather plain farm for most of his life.

And the magic user seemed to be pretty intelligent. He often spoke about things that he really didn’t understand. But that just seemed to be the way of magic-users. They could perceive mysteries that others would never fully comprehend.

When the party came to a rather dingy looking room covered in bat dung and broken furniture, he fully expected that there would be monsters popping out to eat them. He scanned the room with his torch, looking for any large piles of dung that might conceal lurking creatures. He was wrong, of course, and his companions proved to be the most dangerous foes for the moment.

The bats didn’t bother him much, beyond putting out his torch. However, when the cleric of Thor tossed a torch on the broken furniture, he had his doubts that things were really going well. Again, he started to wonder if he should be at home eating a warm meal and enjoying the comforts of the farmhouse.

The danger of the bonfire that resulted from the cleric’s torch was one thing … but when the wall fell open releasing a torrent of water that washed away the crew’s magic-user … he was certain that the gods were against them. Perhaps Loki was playing a joke on them, he thought, recalling tales told over campfires by his Uncle.

Using the Gnome like some kind of fishing lure, they lowered him through the gush of water into a cavern where the magic-user was busy drying out his spellbook. Finding that the magic-user was safe, but soggy was good news. However, he had his doubts that the Druid would survive the inferno in the next room started by the cleric.

However, it all turned out for the best. Smelling of guano and smoke, the party regrouped. They managed to negotiate through a few more magical and secret doors until Red was once again completely lost as to his true location within the complex. Even if he had any doubts about adventuring with this motley crew, he was bound to stick with them if he’d ever get back to Hogsend. But they all seemed to be a good lot of folks, so he figured if he stuck with them for long enough, everything would work out in the end.

Finding another room, Red started to light a few of the torches on the wall in case of any melee that might break out. Light was important, and since it seemed like someone had been in this room recently, that was his focus for the moment. As he started to put some fire to the sconced torches within the room, the Druid snatched up a rug and hurried away to set it on fire. Maybe setting things on fire was a normal activity during such expeditions. Who knows? Red certainly wasn’t a veteran at these sorts of things … and it seemed to be important to light everything on fire for some reason …

And then suddenly, Red found himself in a different room. Everyone seemed to be just as surprised at the sudden, apparently magical, shifting of location. And he couldn’t help but notice that the Druid was no longer with them. Apparently, he was too busy setting things on fire in the other room to have been magicked into the current location.

It wasn’t long until they found another magical door which ultimately lead them into a cavern. The ceiling was littered with holes, and there was a cluster of boxes far off in the rather huge cavern. Before Red could suggest that he walk over and check things out … the Ranger tossed his torch out there to provide a better glimpse of the boxes. Rangers seem to be good at a lot of things, and this was no exception. The Ranger managed to land his torch on the boxes with adept skill, setting them on fire! Yes, again with the setting of fires … Red was sure now that setting things on fire was an important part of exploring a dungeon. He would have to remember that for later! If all else fails, set something on fire!

With the boxes burning bright, everyone became grossly aware that these boxes were actually coffins. And the coffins … naturally … contained the dead. Or in this case … the Undead. Yes, Red’s stomach dropped a bit as several Skeletons stood up, and started to rush towards them. It was a thing of childhood nightmares, and Red prepared for a scrap. He stood his ground, pushing down the natural instinct to run away from the Undead creatures lurching towards him. He raised his shield, dropped the torch, and withdrew his newly acquired short sword.

Red was aware that most of the others started to retreat towards the door. He decided that he would make a stand, hopefully allowing some of the others to escape. With any luck, he could fight the monsters off until everyone else got through the door, then he could get the Hell out of there before they feasted on his warm flesh.

Red was amazed as the cleric started to shout out the name of Thor. The skeletons seemed to be deterred by the might of the Thunder God, and retreated. However, not all of the creatures feared the wrath of Thor. Despite the mighty effort of the cleric, a few continued forward. Red raised his shield, gritting his teeth for the initial crash of melee. He prepared to smash at them with his blade, but did not get the chance!

Both skeletons lashed out at him … and he reeled backwards. He fell back, aware that boney fingers were tearing at his skin. He thought he could hear the cleric shout out to Thor yet again, but it seemed far off … and then everything went black.

Fire, Red. You should have set them on fire, you fool! Have you learned nothing during this adventure?!

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