I’ve been MIA for a bit.

Mainly because I ran out of things to post here, and wasn’t sure how many people were bothering to read it anyway. Honestly.

But I’ve been pretty busy but if I bust out my camera, I have plenty of things to post about now.

I’ve been playing at the LGS on Tuesdays using my Circle Orboros army. I’ve been using eKaya and practicing with her theme list. Although I’ve managed to play the Call of the Wild list well enough at 35 points, it’s much better at 50 and up. We are planning on doing a League using the Tier Lists after the Minions book is out. That should be fun to see everyone using the Tiers for League. However, my usual 35 point army for Tuesday nights is something like this: eKaya, Laris, Feral Warpwolf x2, Pureblood Warpwolf, Warpwolf Stalker, and a War Wolf.

I’ve also been playing some Malifaux from time to time with the local guys from G.O.D. using the Viktorias. The two Viktorias are pretty cool. They compliment each other well, and their ability to move around the board quickly is handy. I tend to move them up the flank quickly and try to get them into a building or on some high ground if possible … depending on what the game calls for that is. Bishop is a monster. He has won the game for me both times I played. Although he’s expensive pointwise, he does cool stuff and literally has a bag of tricks up his sleeve. Johan and Taelor are facebashers with their relic hammers, but I tend to get them killed fairly quickly. I have also been using a Convict Gunslinger with the crew, and I like the things that he can do with those pistols. I have played Malifaux twice so far, and won both times. Looking forward to playing some more and posting some pictures here for people to see.

Well, that’s all for now. I’m looking forward to watching WALKING DEAD tonight on AMC. I hope that everyone has a good rest of the weekend.



2 thoughts on “MISSING IN ACTION

  1. Had a great game with you on Tuesday. That was a real nail bighter. Looking forward to the EDOG on Saturday. The Southeast corner of the state failed me last week. Maybe I’ll do better in the Northwest corner. 😉



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