The Argus is a cool model, and I own a few of them … more than I’d like to admit. I would have loved to see this model get something like the Charger to force it for a Fury to boost Attack and Damage rolls. But the Argus is a 4 point model with a nice short ranged attack, and a decent special action attack. With Forced Evolution, it can dish out a 18 P+S bite which can’t be sneezed at assuming it hits. With the Gorax’s animus, it gets a boost to MAT and STR, so that makes it an even better missile to hurl at a Warlock or Warcaster … or use it to hunt solos.

MKII Kaya plays differently now, and I’ve only played her once. Seems like I will have to get used to the hit-and-run tactics that she can use with Spirit Door. However, Pack Hunters does help out the Agrus models that I like to run with her, and it makes Feral Warpwolves just plain ugly with an effective 9 MAT. She seems like she’s really a support Warlock now where she’s just using her spells to tend to her mangy flock while they tear the Hell out of the enemy. I need to try her out a few more times to really get a feel for her.


2 thoughts on “CIRCLE ORBOROS

  1. PKaya seems rather tricky but I don’t think she’s as bad as I initially thought. She can cast Spirit Door twice per turn which is pretty nice. Basically she can use it like a lesser version of EKaya’s feat. Let the beasts charge ahead and then pull them back to her. I think that a Druid Wilder is a good idea to have with both her and EKaya. After they pull the beasts back the Wilder can remove all of the fury from one of the beasts if need be. In the case of PKaya if two Warpwolves charge and both fill up on fury the Wilder could remove two fury from one of them to prevent a frenzy check in your next turn. If you have the shifting stones with the UA you can create an 8 inch triangle around her. After she spirit doors the beasts back to within two inches of her and the Wilder removes fury you could then teleport her 8 inches back. So she could be up to 10 inches behind them. This could help get her into woods or behind a wall since she would be vulnerable without any fury that turn after casting Spirit Door twice. Using her will be a challenge but I’m anxious to try her out. I need to figure out a 25 point list for her so that I can use her and EKaya in the escalation style events.



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