ON THE TABLE: Kell Bailoch

So I generally discuss the recent games I played, and which models got killed in action. However, this time I will discuss the model that recently did the most murdering for me:

Kell Bailoch.

Part of my problem when it comes to WARMACHINE and HORDES is that I have too many choices. You know what I mean … too many factions, too many warcasters/warlocks, and so on and so forth. I don’t play with my Merc armies that often, and I don’t think I have ever had the opportunity to use my Pirates in MKI or MKII. But the models are cool, and I enjoy painting them … when I find the time.

I was playing a small game with a friend, and we both decided to field Mercenary forces. I used Four Star and he used Highborn. I don’t use Kell very often, but I really like the model. On a whim, I decided to mix hi into my list. Kell took position on hill within his Deployment Zone, and stayed there the entire game. True to fluff, he acted like a legendary sniper, dropping everything that got too close. Silence was double-tapping warrior models left and right, and will great effectiveness. Taking down advance deployed solos in a highborn list is just really amusing, or at least it was that day. The nice thing is that he has a decent bundle of abilities to bring to bear for the army he’s working for … in this particular case it was Magnus. (My only complaint right now is he won’t work for Searforge, and I wish that he did!) Since this little guy did so much wetwork for me during the game, I decided that I should go ahead and paint him up. Nothing fancy, just earthtones and a pretty gun.


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