Some Of The “Big Guns”

As my wife said recently, I’m on a “Trencher Kick.”

Yeah yeah yeah … I know. Trencher Infantry suck. They aren’t as cool as the Black 13th, Gun Mages, and Precursor Knights. Too many points, and Commandos are better. Nobody plays Siege with Trenchers anymore … blah blah blah. That’s all Cygnar Forum Kool Aid.

I have an army put together to use the Forum Acceptable List. But that’s not what I’m going for here.

The point right now, boys and girls, is to build a fully painted BIG GUNS Theme List for use during our club gaming on Thursday nights.

So anyway, I already had a minimum unit of Trenchers painted for TempleCon a few years back. So that put me 6 Trencher Infantry into the list. But I know that I want to have at least two units of Trencher Infantry on the table, so I was looking at painting about 14 more of those little guys. So over the weekend I took a few hours and gave them Hell. Although I started with the whole Assembly Line task of churning through them (… paint 28 boots, paint 14 guns, paint 14 helmets, yada yada …) I decided that breaking the mass of miniatures into smaller groups would make me feel like I was making more progress. So I split them into groups based on their poses. And I added a Lieutenant and Siege to the mix too. Honestly Siege needs a little inking and highlighting, he’s good for now.

I have this thing where I get painting OCD and nothing seems “good enough.” The more I mess with it the worse it starts to look … and the more frustrated I get. That’s what was happening with Siege. So I stopped … and moved on!

Here’s what I managed to get done this weekend:

(Above: Siege and Trencher Infantry. The lead model has been converted to be holding a “machete.”)

(Above and Below: Siege )

That’s all for now. When I get some more models painted, I will post them here on DMT.

Keep rollin’ sixes.


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