This week in the Pennsylvania Wilds, we gathered on Thursday night to practice a little HARDCORE.

In the other games, Khador won over Cygnar. And Legion defeated Cryx twice. If any of the other guys want to discuss their games, they are welcome to do so in the comments section. That would be cool.

In my game, I played against one of the newer players who was using the Protectorate of Menoth. He decided to use Severius. I was using Magnus the Traitor.

The game itself was good, but my opponent had a rough time adjusting to the timed turns. It was fine because it was the first time he ever dealt with timed turns much less 7 minute turns. The match up probably would have went a totally different way if we had been playing a normal game of WARMACHINE.

All in all, I was happy enough with my performance during the game. I definitely need more practice, but as a friend of mine commented, it’s very aggressive and fast paced – and that makes it a lot of fun. My main problem was that I wasn’t able to get the Combat completed in a reasonable time because my opponent was slow on the draw with giving me DEF and ARM. But like I said, it was his first time playing any kind of timed turns.

The army list I used was as follows:

Magnus Agenda Theme List T4

  • Magnus the Traitor
  • Renegade
  • Renegade
  • Mangler
  • Mule
  • Greygore Boomhowler & Co. (Boomhowler and 5 Grunts)
  • Steelhead Halberdiers (Leader and 5 Grunts)
  • Steelhead Riflemen (Leader and 9 Grunts)
  • Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist
  • Orin Midwinter, Rogue Inquisitor
  • Saxon Orrik
  • Stannis Brocker
  1. Magnus didn’t get a whole lot done other than setting off an Obliteration spell through one of the Renegades. More effective use of Magnus would have helped a bit.
  2. The Renegades got off their Obliterator Rockets early on. Both were aimed at his Severius. I missed both times, and both rockets managed to scatter on to Bastions.
  3. My Haldberdiers  spent the whole game holding up Bastions and Errants. They benefited from using a wall to take cover from the shots from the Heavy Crossbows.
  4. My Riflemen also took cover against a wall, and picked off Errants and Bastions. I made sure to use Combined Shots to “save time” and take advantage of the Combined Arms ability.
  5. The Mangler did a lot of infantry clearing for me, and honestly was on its way to making an assassination run for Severius when time ran out on the game. I should definitely use the Mangler more than I do.
  6. The Mule lobbed some shells on the enemy infantry and then assisted the Mangler in Melee.
  7. Boomhowler and his boys mainly just “got in the way” using their “super tough” ability to mire up the Zealots and a Revenger.
  8. Gorman was hanging tight with the Mangler and Mule, waiting for a good chance to do bad nasty things to Severius. He never got a chance as time ran out before the assassination run.
  9. Orin was using Null Magic to stop those priests from casting their silly spells.
  10. Stannis mainly provided support for the two Steelhead units, but also helped by hacking up some Errants.
  11. Saxon didn’t do much, but did provide Pathfinder to Boomhowler and his boys to allow them to get stuck in and playing tar pit early in the game.

I waited too long to make my assassination run. I can’t make that mistake again.

So what experiences have you had while preparing for HARDCORE? Feel free to leave a comment.

So anyway, until next time – KEEP ROLLIN’ SIXES.

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  1. Justin S. says:

    My list was Karchev,Beast 09, Spriggan, Behemoth, Wardog, Great Bears, full unit of Battle Mechaniks, Bokur, Doomreavers, Koldun Lord, and Reinholdt.

    John used a Cygnar storm list. This was his first time using a storm list. His caster was Nemo.

    I feel that this was one of those cases of a bad matchup. Nemo likes to disrupt warjacks. Karchev can overcome that because his Unearthly Rage spell gives boosted attack and damage for his battlegroup for melee attacks. Additionally the Koldun Lord can power boost.

    At one point in the game I powerboosted Beast 09 (who had been disrupted) and had him charge an Ironclad. I then had Karchev cast Unearthly Rage. Unfortunately in the heat of battle I forgot to activate Beast 09. At another point in the game John forgot to allocate focus. The pressure of the accelerated turns can definitely cause mistakes if you’re not used to it.

    In the end I still had all three jacks left. John had lost his Thunderhead and Stormclad and was about to lose his two Ironclads. John decided to call it.

    I think that my list worked pretty well. I’d like to try it out again. This week I’ll probably use my new Circle army though using them for the first time in a hardcore game might be a bit rough.



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